Episode 6: The Philosophy of Civilization - Seth Czerepak

Episode 6: The Philosophy of Civilization

What is Happening to Western Civilization?

Can society ever become too advanced for its own good?

What will happen if our technological progress outpaces our ability to respect the basic philosophies of civilized life?

In the early 2000s, this would have sounded like paranoid Science Fiction. Today, the growing social unrest in the world and the decay of honest and civil debate is a glaring sign that this is already happening.

Artificial Intelligence will soon have the capacity to learn and to advance ideas that may be very different than the ideas that got us where we are today. We see this happening as algorithms are quickly becoming an extension of our decision-making processes. They’re influencing our learning and behavior in ways we’re only beginning to understand. Anyone who is not mentally and spiritually prepared for this change could end up being more influenced by machines than they are by their own minds.

The richest and most powerful people in the world are already working hard to place the evolution of society into the hands of “smart” machines and cold algorithms. Some of them are even warning one another about the consequences of the new industrial revolution.

The previous industrial revolution drastically changed the way we earn a livelihood. But this revolution will dramatically impact what we believe, how we learn, and how we make decisions about what matters most.

How can you get ahead of this trend and make sure that our basic humanity doesn’t become a casualty of the new technological revolution?

In this radio show, I peel back all the complexities of western philosophy to expose the bedrock principles on which Modern Civilization was built. These ideas are simple enough for anyone to understand and to live by. But, they’re also simple enough to take for granted. This is why we’re hurtling toward an age when our technological progress could easily outpace our moral and intellectual development.

This is the problem of our age, and the purpose of this radio show is to embrace the solution. I discuss the coming technological (and philosophical) revolution, not from a mere technical perspective, but from a perspective of our intellectual and moral development.

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