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Technique #6: Hypnotic Copywriting

Hypnotic Copywriting – While I did not coin the term hypnotic copywriting, the practice of hypnotic storytelling has been around for a long time—possibly thousands of years or more. Since this is my series, I’ll give you my definition of hypnotic copywriting, which is synonymous with my definition of trance in copywriting: “Creating a synthetic …

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Technique #9: Positioning in Copywriting

What is Positioning in Copywriting? It’s based on one of the most misunderstood ideas in modern marketing, which I’ll introduce in a moment. First, let me clarify something about positioning in general. Positioning only applies to prospects in Stage #3 of the Buyer’s Journey. If you’re positioning your brand, product, or service for Stage #1 …

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Technique #10: Urgency in Copywriting

There are two ways to create Urgency in Copywriting: external pressure, and internal pressure. External pressure is simple. All it takes is an irresistible limited-time offer. Internal pressure is more complicated, but also more powerful. In fact, if you create enough internal pressure, your limited-time offers will become much, much more effective. Creating internal pressure …

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Dan S. Kennedy on Dog Whistle Marketing

Dog Whistle Marketing – Most copywriters have a thesaurus or two or three handy, maybe one on their computer. A lot of copywriters have the “Words That Sell” thesaurus compiled by Richard Bayan. My shelf also includes Roget’s Descriptive Word Finder, and Descriptionary: A Thematic Dictionary, and, of course, a basic Webster’s Dictionary. Dan S. …

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Content Marketing Strategy and Best Practices

A Content Marketing Strategy is a type of marketing plan focused on creating and distributing relevant, valuable information with the goal of attracting a clearly-defined audience and engaging them to take a specific action. This article introduces our eight-step content marketing blueprint. I started designing this system in the early 2000s while working as a …

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How to Create a Content Distribution Strategy

A Content Distribution Strategy is a plan for publishing and promoting your content to a clearly-defined buyer persona using multiple media formats distributed through various channels. This article explains how to build and implement a Content Distribution Strategy, starting with three types of content distribution channels. We’ll cover three rules for picking the best channels …

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Content Creation Plan and Implementation

A Content Creation Plan is a strategy for defining and managing all projects related to planning, researching, creating, editing, and publishing the content defined in your content distribution strategy. The three-step content creation plan in this article should help you decide which approach is best for you. Step 1) Planning Your Content, Step 2) Drafting …

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