Self-Sabotage and Fear of Success - Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

Podcast 4: Science of Self-Sabotage

Self-Sabotage and Fear of Success

Self-Sabotage and fear of success are one and the same. In my experience, every entrepreneur who hits a plateau, and can’t break past it, is secretly sabotaging their own success. The problem is, most people are in 100% denial about their own self-destructive behaviors. Instead, they either rationalize their behavior, or they try to correct the SYMPTOMS of self-sabotage.

These symptoms are procrastination, loss of “motivation,” sudden physical illnesses, fights with people they’re close to, etc. Hell, many times, self-sabotage comes in the form of circumstances that APPEAR to be completely out of your control. In my experience, most people never reach the success they really want, because they fail to see their own self-sabotage and fear of success as the cause of these symptoms. 

There’s a scientific reason self-sabotage SEEMS out of your control. It’s because your conscious mind doesn’t control your decisions. Scientific experiments, starting at the Max Planck Institute, have verified this. This is NOT an argument against Free Will. It does, however, challenge us to rethink where our “Will” truly resides. More importantly, it challenges us to be honest about the one thing we most frequently lie to ourselves about…the link, in our lives, between self-sabotage and fear of success. 

Goals and Progress

  • July Income: $330 (July Goal: $250).
  • Bodyweight: 242lbs (Goal 185).

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