The Internet's Most Well-Documented Entrepreneur Success Story

Podcast 53: One Year Later

My Online Documented Entrepreneur Success Story: One Year Later

Welcome back to the internet’s most well-documented entrepreneur success story. One year ago, I was restarting from nothing. Since then, I’ve documented my journey back to entrepreneurial success in this podcast. At the time of my first podcast, I was making zero dollars a month. Today, I’m making about $5,000+ a month on average. Of course, this month is only partially over, so I’m working on this month’s goal.

But, this ought to show people what’s possible when you align your plans and actions with the Natural Principles I discuss in these podcasts. 

But, this is just the beginning. In future podcasts, I’ll be talking about our plans (my wife and I) for the next phase of our entrepreneurial journey: going off the grid and traveling the country in our RV (which we’ve yet to buy). My first goal was to restore my remote income source. My next goal is to create a passive income, and then it’s on to increasing that income to the six-figure mark. In this podcast, I talk about what I did right, where I went wrong, and my plans for how to use what I learned going forward. 

Goals and Progress



  • Body Weight: 238lbs (Goal 185).
  • Body Fat: 29% (Goal 6 to 8%).


  • Memorized: Genesis 1 to 3.17 (Hebrew and English).
  • Reading Bible: Exodus Chapter 30.

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