Business Drama - Two Types and How Entrepreneurs Overcome Them

Podcast 37: On Dumping Drama

Two Types of Business Drama and How to Overcome Them

Drama in business…do entrepreneurs have the freedom to overcome it? It depends on two things. First, you need a way to overcome “people drama.” Second, you need a way to overcome what I call “operational drama.” People drama comes from bad customers, business partners or employees. Operational drama comes from the procedures and/or technologies used to run your business. Entrepreneurs need a way to overcome BOTH these types of business drama. In my personal experience, some people are very good at overcoming one of these, and lousy at overcoming the other. 

For example, people who have a hard time saying no to, or setting boundaries with other people have a hard time overcoming people drama. Task-oriented people, like myself, are better at setting boundaries with other people. However, operational drama is another matter. If you have obsessive-compulsive or perfectionist tendencies, operational drama might be a real challenge for you to beat. In today’s podcast, I talk about the cost of drama in business and some ways to beat these challenges and run a successful, low drama business. 

Goals and Progress



  • Pure Vegan Diet: Day 38.
  • Body Weight: 236.2lbs (Goal 185).


  • Memorized: Torah, Genesis, Chapters 1-2.
  • Memorized: The Kybalion, Chapters 1-2.
  • Memorized: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Book One.
  • Memorized: The Tao Te Ching, Book One.
  • Memorized: The Dhammapada, Book One.
  • Memorized: The Bhagavad-Gita, Book One.
  • Memorized: The Isha Upanishad.
  • Memorized: The Science of Getting Rich, Chapter One.

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