The High Cost of a Negative Money Mindset - 3 Warning Signs

Podcast 10: Bad Money Mindsets

Do You Have a Negative Money Mindset?

A negative money mindset is the most common cause of self-sabotage for an entrepreneur. But, did you know that you can have a negative money mindset without even knowing it? Most people assume that it’s a matter of whether you have a “poverty consciousness.” There are many ways your beliefs about money can devastate your entrepreneurial goals, including…

  1. Fear of Not Having Enough.
  2. Envy of the Rich and/or Affluent.
  3. Believing that Money Makes People Bad.

Worst of all is the belief that money doesn’t matter. True, there are more important things in life than money. But a lot of them cost money. Money can also be a scorecard for how much quality service you’re putting out into the world through your ideas. In this podcast, I talk about how to overcome a negative money mindset and replace it with a healthy one. 

Goals and Progress

  • September Income: $384 (September Goal $1,500).
  • Bodyweight: 239.4lbs (Goal 185).
  • Linkedin Connections: 2,900 (Goal 10,000).

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