Is Your Smartphone Killing Your Productivity While Working from Home?

Podcast 54: “Smartphonitis”

Stop Your Smartphone from Killing Your Productivity

How is your smartphone killing your productivity? Try this tomorrow morning…take your smartphone out, turn it off, and give it to someone who you trust to keep it until your workday is over. Do this for a week and see how much you get done. Compare that week to your average workweek and you’ll see what I mean.

If you’re an entrepreneur working from home, you need to do this experiment and do a serious analysis on the difference in your state, and your productivity. Neuroscientists have already discovered evidence that the internet is changing our brain. The important question for an entrepreneur is whether the internet is making you a more efficient entrepreneur, or a more profitable consumer. 

Goals and Progress


  • Body Weight: 243lbs (Goal 185)
  • Body Fat: 28% (Goal 6 to 8%)



  • Memorized: Genesis 1 to 4.13 (Hebrew)
  • Reading Bible: Genesis 1 – Numbers Chapter 30
  • Advanced Math: Algebra I -> E.4 (using www.ixl.com)
  • Chakra Suite (Original Piano Music): 2 of 7 done

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