Why Gratitude is Important for Success - Beyond the "Feel Good" Factor

Podcast 7: Asking With Gratitude

Why Gratitude is Important for Success

Do you know why gratitude is important for success? Gratitude is about more than just making you feel good. It’s also about more than just positive thinking. Gratitude is how you ask for good things to come into your life. This is completely different than literally asking for things (either in prayer or in asking others). Asking is important. But asking without gratitude is like steering your car while it’s still in park. 

This revelation came to me during my morning walk. I was listening to Chapter Seven of The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles. While listening, I thought about the story of Jesus multiplying the fish and the bread to feed thousands of people. I realized that Jesus never said “Father, please multiply this food so everyone can eat.” Instead, he simply gave thanks.

Maybe you’re not big on the Bible, or God. But in this podcast, I explain why asking with gratitude (as Jesus did) is essential for success. It’s how you ask for good things, either from people, or from God. I also reveal why this could be the missing link in my personal success. 

Goals and Progress

  • August Income: $380 (August Goal $1,000).
  • Bodyweight: 242lbs (Goal 185).
  • Linkedin Connections: 1,300 (Goal 10,000).

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