The Principle of Rhythm - An Entrerpeneurial Perspective

Podcast 15: The Principle of Rhythm

The Principle of Rhythm: An Entrepreneurial Perspective

What is the Principle of Rhythm and why is it important for entrepreneurs? First, there’s a rhythm to attracting clients to making money. Dan S Kennedy talks about this in his book The No-BS Guide to Wealth Attraction in the New Economy. If you’ve been an entrepreneur or if you’ve worked in sales for more than a few months, you know what I’m talking about. When a salesperson is in sync with the Principle of Rhythm, they call it being “in the zone.” When they’re out of sync with it, they have what they call a “sales slump.”

Few salespeople or entrepreneurs ever realize that these “ups and downs” happen because the natural Principle of Rhythm is ALWAYS at work. It’s simply a matter of whether you use it, instead of being used by it. This shouldn’t surprise anyone. There are rhythms in nature. Seasons come, and seasons go. Night follows day, and day night. Tides come and go. The planets revolve around the sun. Living things are born, then they grow and eventually die and decay before their materials bodies are reabsorbed into nature, and recycled to create other living and non-living things.

In his book Sync, Author and Scientist Steven Strogatz tells the story of a 17th Century Scientist who discovered that even non-material objects move into sync with one another. You’ll find references to the Principle of Rhythm in the Book of Ecclesiastes of the Old Testament, in the Hermetic Philosophy, and in many other wisdom texts. In this podcast, I share how the Principle of Rhythm can work for, or against you, in your entrepreneurial endeavors.

Goals and Progress

  • October Income: $100 (October Goal $2,000).
  • Bodyweight: 240.6lbs (Goal 185).
  • Linkedin Connections: 4,035 (Goal 10,000).

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