Entrepreneur Success Story - Podcast 3 - The Story of My Experiments With Hope

Podcast 3: Equity vs Income

The Link Between Entrepreneurship and “Social Capital”

What do you think when you hear the terms “entrepreneurship” and “social capital” in the same sentence? This has nothing to do with politics, sociology, or even economics. It has to do with the difference between building equity and chasing income. Income is important, but it shouldn’t be your long-term goal.

Smart entrepreneurs focus on equity first, income second. Fools ignore this principle and end up out of business within a few years. What does it mean to build equity for your business? In this podcast, I talk about lessons I’ve learned and how you can maximize your long-term income potential using the principle of social equity.

Seth Czerepak at 185lbs

In 2013, I had been a strict vegan for one year. This picture is the result. My goal is to get back to 185lbs by 2021. 

Seth Czerepak Vegan Success Story

Goals and Progress

  • July Income: $270 (July Goal: $250).
  • Bodyweight: 242lbs (Goal 185).

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