Will Artifical Intelligence Replace Writers - Some...Yes. Others, Never

Podcast 29: A.I. and Copywriting

Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Writers?

Will artificial intelligence replace writers? People started asking this back in 2015. I saw the discussions on forums, on social media, and in blog posts. The debate is still happening. In my opinion, those who assume that A.I. will ultimately replace writers are morons who don’t understand writing or human nature. My guess is, they’ll be replaced first. But some writers will remain unaffected by the rise of Artificial Intelligence.

Elbert Hubbard once said…

“One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man. ”

If this isn’t a foreshadowing of how we should think about Artificial Intelligence, I don’t know what is. I’ve read a lot about Artificial Intelligence. I have software development experience and a good understanding of advanced math and of how the human brain works. First off, I am absolutely not convinced that machines can become “conscious” simply by increasing their data processing capacity.

People who believe this are erroneously assuming that consciousness is a product of data processing. And yes, I’ve heard the arguments for this idea, and understand them very well. So spare me the snarky emails. True, artificial intelligence will most likely replace ordinary writers. People who simply write about topics, but who generate no creative or thought-provoking ideas.

But a computer will never have the ability to generate ideas the way Stephen King, Kurt Vonnegut, Stephen Covey, Margaret Atwood, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and dozens of writers you’ve probably never heard of have done. These ideas come from our connection to the Universal Infinite Living Mind from which all things come.

Wise people have known about this Universal Mind for thousands of years. Probably longer. They’ve written about it in the ancient wisdom texts and quantum physicists are discovering uncanny clues in the fabric of space and time that confirm what these writers knew ages ago. People who fail to understand this, or to accept it,  fail to realize that great writing starts with great thinking. Thinking that generates ideas, rather than just repackaging what already exists.

This creative, and thought-provoking style of writing is rare, and it takes hard work to develop it. But, those who understand this concept and put in the work will have nothing to fear from the rise of Artificial Intelligence. Well, unless the robots decide to go Age of Ultron on us. There’s always that.  

Goals and Progress

  • January Income: $578 (January Goal $2,000).
  • Bodyweight: 237lbs (Goal 185).
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