How to Ditch Toxic Relationships in Business and in Your Personal Life

Podcast 50: Toxic Relationships

How to Avoid Toxic Relationships in Business

Nothing will crash your entrepreneurial dreams faster than toxic relationships in business. The same is true in your personal life. If you’re an ambitious person with big dreams, you’re one in a million. The odds are slim of you finding a business partner who is nearly as hardworking, creative, and persistent as you are.

The odds are even slimmer that you’ll find a romantic partner who is all of these things AND who has their shit together. Believe me. That matters. If your romantic partner doesn’t have their own dreams, it’s only a matter of time before they start trying to spoil yours. 

Fortunately, toxic people aren’t that common. If you think they are, it’s probably because you attract them like a lightning rod. Or, if you think they’re common because all your friends are either dating or befriending toxic people, that means you’re attracting the wrong kinds of friends. And, finally, if you think toxic people are common because you come from a family of basketcases, that’s probably where your penchant to attract toxic people came from. 

I’m not trying to be judgmental here. Only honest. It does me no good to be otherwise. Toxic people will ruin your life. Better said, YOU will ruin your life if you don’t learn to get toxic people the hell out of your life and, more importantly, how to stop attracting them into your life. How do you do this? First, you need Five Star Samurai Warrior level skills for establishing Boundaries in Business, and in your personal life.

This is why I recommend EVERY aspiring entrepreneur to read Dr. Henry Cloud’s books on Boundaries and on personal growth. Yes, Henry Cloud is a Christian author, he teaches from that perspective, and maybe that turns you off. But, he’s the best author out there for teaching you how to attract and keep healthy relationships. Besides, if your life is a mess because of toxic people, maybe you should be more open about exploring worldviews that are different from yours. Just saying. 

I talk more about toxic relationships in business and how I learned to stop letting them ruin my life. Believe me, it’s the most important thing to get handled if you want to be an entrepreneur. Again, if you’re an ambitious person with big dreams, you’re rare. And the world needs you to have the courage, and the flexibility to follow those dreams and make your unique contribution.  Toxic people will stop you from doing this, and that, in my opinion, makes them horrible people who don’t deserve to be in your life. 

Goals and Progress



  • Vegan Diet: Day 124.
  • Strength Training: Day 78.
  • Body Weight: 235lbs (Goal 185).


  • Memorized: Torah, Genesis, Chapters 1-2.
  • Memorized: The Kybalion, Chapters 1-2.
  • Memorized: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Books 1-2.
  • Memorized: The Tao Te Ching, Books 1-2.
  • Memorized: The Dhammapada, Book One.
  • Memorized: The Bhagavad-Gita, Book One.
  • Memorized: The Isha Upanishad.
  • Memorized: The Science of Getting Rich, Chapter One.

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