Why Procrastination and Entrepreneurship are 100% Incompatible

Podcast 2: Managing Perfectionism

Procrastination and Entrepreneurship are 100% Incompatible

Most entrepreneurs don’t realize that perfectionism DRIVES procrastination.  More than 10,000 hours of one-on-one coaching taught me that this misunderstanding is a top obstacle to becoming a successful entrepreneur. This is why so many aspiring entrepreneurs are crushed between procrastination and their dreams of entrepreneurship.

So, how do you STOP perfectionism and procrastination form stealing your dreams? As with most entrepreneurial challenges, it all starts with self-awareness. Getting started as an entrepreneur means MASSIVE resistance. But your biggest obstacle will be your own obsession with perfection. This is why you have to prioritize when to focus on perfection, and when to focus on progress.

You simply can’t do both of these in every situation. Trying to do so only leads to procrastination. And, again, procrastination and entrepreneurship are 100% incompatible. In today’s podcast, I explain how to beat this paradox. 

Seth Czerepak at 185lbs

In 2013, I had been a strict vegan for one year. This picture is the result. My goal is to get back to 185lbs by 2021. 

Seth Czerepak Vegan Success Story

Goals and Progress

  • July Income: $20 (July Goal: $250).
  • Bodyweight: 242lbs (Goal 185).

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