Episode 2: The Root of Irrational Belief - Seth Czerepak

Episode 2: The Root of Irrational Belief

Why Do People Believe Weird Things?

“You can’t reason someone out of something they didn’t reason themselves into.”

This quote captures the essence of this episode.

Have you ever wondered why some people cling to irrational beliefs?

Why can’t you persuade them using reasonable and rational arguments?

Better yet, why do you sometimes look back at your own decisions, and wonder…

“What the hell was I thinking?”

In this show, I unpack the scientific reasons we believe irrational things.

I have studied this question since the beginning of my career. I explored it in my work as a counselor and as a direct response copywriter.

In this show, you’ll discover the eye-popping scientific discoveries which have revealed that people are not rational beings. Our rational mind is merely the “narrator” of our decisions. Our conscious explanations behind our beliefs and actions don’t have to be based on reality and often aren’t. The good news is, once you understand the REAL motive behind our beliefs, we can more effectively persuade others, and increase our own mental clarity and self-discipline.

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