Podcast 5: My Dumbest Mistake

One of the Most Common Mistakes New Writers Make (…Experienced Writers Too)

It’s one of the most common mistakes new writers make. It was also one of my dumbest mistakes during my first run as a freelance writer… I didn’t build a reputation by publishing outside of my own website. When my two websites were (ehem… “hacked”), my entire repertoire of online articles went the way of the Titanic. I know. I was dumb not to have backups. But that’s another story.

But, if you’re a new or experienced writer who hopes to become a professional, know that this is one of the most common mistakes new writers make…they never venture outside of their own little world. This is an especially bad idea if you’re a ghostwriter. Today, it seems everyone looking for ghostwriting services wants to see links to your work, and not on your own website. In this podcast, I explain how this mistake screwed me up and what I plan to do different this time. 

Goals and Progress

  • July Income: $393 (July Goal: $250).
  • Bodyweight: 238lbs (Goal 185).