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Seth Czerepak is a living testament to the power of personal growth and entrepreneurial resilience. His life experiences have played a key role in sharpening and deepening his uncanny ability to decode and predict people’s words, intentions, and actions. 

“I believe Seth could become one of the next great writers,” said one of Seth’s early mentors. “His command of language and understanding of people is uniquely sharp and intuitive. Especially for someone his age.” 

Those who know Seth often speak of his drive, his discipline, and his brutally honest commitment to intellectual clarity.

Early Life

Seth Czerepak was born on January 17th, 1976 in Tallahassee, Florida. He discovered his passion for language before kindergarten when his mother, an English teacher, started teaching him the letters of the alphabet. During his first days of school, Seth quickly discovered that he had a gift for language.

“I remember being surprised at how much my classmates hated to read out loud,” said Seth in a 2012 interview. “I didn’t understand how reading could be hard, or why my classmates complained about having to do it. I loved it and was surprised to find out I was the best reader in my class. I guess that’s how it is when you’re born with a knack for something.”

By the 4th Grade, Seth was already losing interest in school. He started challenging his teachers about things they said in class, especially on topics related to politics and current events.

Seth Czerepak Biography

I wasn’t even trying to be controversial,” said Seth “I just thought it was weird that my teacher and classmates were discussing their opinions as if they were facts. I caused so much trouble, my teacher asked for a parent conference. I argued right through the meeting. My parents were embarrassed. They hadn’t raised me to question authority. My teacher was pissed off. I was just bewildered. I didn’t get why a teacher would mislead students, or how my classmates could just agree with her. I guess that was my first time challenging the status quo. I’ve been doing that ever since.”

After this meeting, Seth’s interest in school continued to deflate. He withdrew from most of his classmates. He started ignoring any rules he considered dumb and worked hard to persuade his few friends to do the same. 

“It’s hard being the bad kid when your mom teaches at the same school,” Seth laughed, “Every time I got in trouble, my mom knew about it by lunchtime. Sometimes sooner. But I still couldn’t stay out of trouble. I thought there was something wrong with me because I didn’t think like other kids. I didn’t believe everything my teachers said. Many times, I didn’t even acknowledge their authority. My parents hadn’t raised me this way, so it took me until adulthood to realize that this was a normal part of my temperament.”

Teenage Years

At age 13, after his parents’ divorce, Seth started skipping school, drinking, fighting, and getting into trouble with the law. He dropped out of High School at 16 and spent the next three years playing in rock bands, writing music, practicing martial arts, and reading books on philosophy and the occult.

“I was the only kid my age who had a cop assigned to watch their house,” Seth said, “Every day, between about 3 pm and 7 pm, there was a cop sitting outside in their car just watching, and taking notes. Maybe they thought I was selling drugs. Or, maybe it was something else. I don’t know, but I know my friends and I gave them plenty of reasons to be suspicious.”

One night, after drinking heavily and fighting with some of his friends, Seth tried to shoot himself with his father’s .22 caliber rifle.

Seth Czerepak Copywriter Biography

“The gun was loaded, but the safety was on,” said Seth “I didn’t realize this until I’d pulled the trigger. The second I did, I regretted having even thought about it. So, I didn’t tell anyone. To this day, I can’t say why I did it, or whether I even meant it. But, I did scare the hell out of myself.”

At 17, Seth had a horrifying spiritual experience that changed his life forever. He went immediately from being an atheist and dark occultist to believing in God. He would continue to have similar experiences for the next ten years, many of them more intense than his first.

“I’m not getting into detail about what happened to me,” said Seth. “Maybe I’ll write about it someday, but I can tell you that believing in God was absolutely the last thing I wanted to do. But, if you’d known what happened to me that morning, you’d understand. I had no choice. I also knocked off all the satanic nonsense. To this day, I’m totally convinced I’d brought this on myself by dabbling in that stuff.”

Later that year, Seth read a book called “Live Your Dreams,” by Les Brown. In it, he discovered a quote that would ignite his passion for personal growth…

“What you do in life isn’t nearly as important as who you become.”

This was another turning point in Seth’s journey. It planted the seed for what would later become the foundation of his professional life.  

“Les Brown’s story oozed off the page and poured over me like a bucket of warm honey,” said Seth, “All my life I’d been made to believe that my self-worth was the sum of my failures subtracted from my successes. The second I read that quote, I knew that I was going to be okay as long as I kept growing. It would still be years before I got my shit together, but Les Brown had set my life in a new direction. I knew that no matter how many mistakes I made, I would learn more than all of my friends who had chosen the ordinary path in life. I was proud of that, and of myself. That was a first.”

Young Adulthood

When Seth Czerepak was 20 years old, he attended a small concert at a guitar shop in Tuscaloosa Alabama where he was living at the time. There, he heard Julian Coryell play jazz/classical-fusion on the electric guitar. 

“That concert was a turning point in my life. I was just blown away by the sounds that guy was making,” Seth said, “When I found out he’d graduated from Berkley College of Music in Boston, I instantly wanted to study there myself. That’s the first time I actually wanted a formal education in something. I moved back home and started looking into getting my GED and applying to colleges. I didn’t have the money for Berkley, but I worked a full-time job and attended classes at a small community college as I could fit them in.”

Seth’s first few years of college were off and on. He was torn between his desire to learn music theory, and the annoyance of having to deal with the rigid framework of formal education.

Seth Czerepak Biography

On the first day of Humanities 101 Class, Seth’s Professor caught him reading a book and asked…

“You, with the book. What should we do the first day of class?”

“You tell us.” Seth snarked, without looking up from his book. “You’re the teacher.” 

Offended, the professor called Seth to the front of the class. He asked Seth to introduce himself and to tell everyone what he expected to be doing in 10 years. Then, he asked everyone else in the class to do the same thing. After the last person was done, the professor turned to Seth saying…

“Okay, Seth. Let’s see if your brain is as smart as your mouth. Come up here tell us everyone’s name and what they expect to be doing in 10 years.” 

Within 90 seconds, Seth recited every classmate’s name and their 10-year aspiration. The class applauded. When Seth’s professor saw that he’d been outstaged, he tried to do the same thing. After stumbling on several students’ names and missing many of their 10-year aspirations, the professor gave Seth an awkward look. 

“That story turned out to be a microcosm of my life,” said Seth, “When people meet me, they often misread or underestimate me. They think I’m slow or a pushover because I don’t talk a lot and I rarely make eye-contact. But I’m always sizing things up. I’m hard to fool, and I don’t intimidate easy. In fact, I often intimidate people without meaning to. Maybe that’s why I’ve always like Teddy Roosevelt’s saying, ‘Speak softly and carry a big stick.’ ”

At 24, Seth got married, bought a house in the suburbs, and started acting more like an ordinary person than he ever had in his life. However, he soon realized that his new in-laws were determined to see him give up his dreams of writing music and to become a public school teacher.

When my parents got divorced, I swore it would never happen to me,” said Seth. “But my spouse and her family were hell-bent on pouring me into the mold of their expectations. Of course, they didn’t start this crap until a year into the marriage, and I had been upfront with them about my ambitions. After a few years of fighting with my spouse about it, I was relieved to become single again. I let her keep most of our stuff, including the house. I left with my self-respect.”

Spiritual Awakening

At 26, Seth finished college with degrees in developmental psychology and music theory. Later that year, he had an encounter with Jesus Christ and became a Born Again Christian.

“That’s another experience I usually keep to myself,” Seth said when pressed about the encounter. “I only tell people if I believe they’re ready to hear it. What I WILL tell you is that I was absolutely beside myself for a week after it happened. I wasn’t interested in accepting Jesus as the flesh-and-blood manifestation of the Creator. I’d turned away from that Faith for what I thought were damn good reasons. But, the experience really didn’t leave me with a choice.” 

Shortly after becoming Born Again, Seth started working as a part-time minister and worship leader. He also got into a relationship with a young woman who had professed a desire to work in ministry herself. The relationship would soon become one of the most trying crucibles of Seth’s life… 

Seth Czerepak Biography

“It’s hard to overstate how reckless and abusive she was,” said Seth. “She opened up credit cards in our names, told people we were married, and literally forced me into personal bankruptcy with her reckless spending habits. The night I left her, she punched me in the face dozens of times, bit me hard enough to leave scars on my leg and chest, and broke down my bathroom door coming after me. I was raised that you don’t hit a woman, so I didn’t defend myself. I just waited for the cops to get there and arrest her. Which was funny, because she’d called them claiming I was trying to take her car. The bloody car was mine, and she was mad because I had packed my stuff in it and was about to leave her for good. Of course, there were red flags in the beginning. But I tried to make it work in spite of them. I was raised to believe that’s what a ‘good Christian Man’ should do. I learned that lesson the hard way.”

Ironically, it was one of Seth’s Muslim coworkers, Andre, who finally talked sense into him…

“That’s not God’s will. God is not the author of confusion. Don’t stay in a relationship where you can lose your life.”

“The second he said that I knew it was a word from God,” said Seth. “I had a lot of religious dogma and bullshit rattling around in my head back then. Stuff I would later find out had nothing to do with Jesus or his teachings. I knew I had to get that crap out of my head, so that became my next mission.”

A month after ending the relationship, Seth found work as a sales consultant for a Motivational Seminar Company. In his first month on the job, he broke all company sales records and became the top producer for the coaching department. He also started meeting with a counselor. Between one-on-one consultations with clients, meetings with his personal counselor, leading a team of sales consultants, and developing company training manuals, Seth became an expert in marketing and human motivation. His income grew from his previous $15,000 a year to $30,000, and then to $40,000.

At 30, Seth had a revelation that would soon become his lifetime obsession… 

“I was on vacation in Long Boat Key, Florida when it happened,” said Seth. “My job as a coaching sales manager had given me a ‘back-stage-pass’ into the real differences between successful and unsuccessful people. I’d conducted more than ten thousand hours of one-on-one sessions with everyone from drug addicts, to world-champion athletes, to self-made multi-millionaires. These people would tell me things on the phone they’d never told anyone. I learned so much about human motivation, I had to take a full week off just to organize it into a holistic philosophy. Sitting on the beach that day, pouring through my notes from five years of coaching sessions, I discovered a theme that ran through all my client’s stories like a golden thread. I put together a model for overcoming personal limitations and achieving your full human potential. I called it ‘Value-Driven Transcendence.’” 

Thrilled about his new revelation, Seth left his job as a coaching sales manager to start his own personal growth brand. Having signed a temporary non-compete agreement with the company, Seth spent the next two years of his career working sales jobs before making the final move into being self-employed. At his final sales job in the corporate world, Seth broke the six-figure a year barrier, making nearly $110,000. He left this job in 2009, just after his 33rd Birthday. It was time for him to pursue his life’s mission. 


My manager’s jaw literally dropped when I told him I was leaving my six-figure sales job,” said Seth “Everyone warned me that it was a bad time to start a business. They were freaking out over the recession and assuming I’d be back to work soon. But, I knew it was the right time for me to do this. So, I did it. Six months later, my bank account balance was negative thirty-two cents, my blood pressure was high enough to break the Hoover Dam, and the contents of my refrigerator included some bottles of water, a jar of fish-oil capsules, and a bag of apples.”

Six months into his new entrepreneurial venture, Seth Czerepak started finding work as a freelance copywriter. He continued working on his own personal growth products based on his signature method, Value-Driven Transcendence. However, hundreds of thousands of self-proclaimed “experts” were flooding the self-help market, and Seth found that most people were more interested in shortcuts and gimmicks than in honest solutions.

Seth Czerepak Biography

“When the internet became popular, it turned the personal growth industry into a circus freak show,” said Seth. “Countless self-proclaimed ‘experts’ flooded the market, and consumers were so disoriented by the novelty of it all, a lot of them got fooled by charismatic personalities and ‘sounds true, but isn’t’ sales gimmicks. They’re only just now starting to realize how much B.S. is out there, which is good. But it was frustrating to watch people being seduced by that crap for so long, especially considering I had a legitimate background. I just didn’t have the online business experience. Thank God this trend is tapering off now. I plan to get back into writing personal growth books, but they will only be for people who are serious about leveling up in life, and know that shortcuts are a waste of time.”

By 2011, Seth was earning more than two hundred thousand dollars a year as a freelance copywriter. He also earned an endorsement from Copywriting Legend Dan S. Kennedy for his signature marketing system, which he called “The Antifragile Sales System.”

“The Antifragile Sales System applies the principles of Value-Driven Transcendence toward planning and implementing a content marketing strategy.” said Seth, “It’s how I kept the fire of VDT fresh in my mind while the personal growth industry was stumbling through its Internet Dark Age. All my content marketing and copywriting products are based on this system. I took some of those products off the market while building the Vervenia Marketing Automation Software. I’ll be revising and republishing them starting in 2021.”

In 2009, Seth discovered WordPress and started building websites. He quickly realized that he needed a robust, user-friendly application for handling lead capture, user segmenting, content personalization, marketing funnel tracking, popup notifications, email and SMS marketing, and more.

After nearly a year of experimenting with dozens of subpar Marketing Automation products, Seth decided to write his own software. The result would be the Vervenia Marketing Automation Software; a Marketing Automation Plugin for WordPress that took Seth ten years to create. 

“If I’d known then how hard and how nerve-racking the project would be, I would have never started it.” Seth said after completing the software in 2020.“But now that I’ve finished it, I’m glad I didn’t know better.”

Having broken the six-figure mark in 2010, Seth quickly realized he’d overextended himself by trying to run his freelance writing business and develop a complex software application at the same time. He decided to outsource the Vervenia project and focus only on writing. 

“I invested more than $100,000.00 into that project before cutting my losses,” said Seth a year after the project had failed. “My knowledge of managing sales teams didn’t transfer well to managing a team of software developers. I also underestimated how lousy most coders are at seeing an application from the user’s perspective.”


For Seth Czerepak, 2012 played out like a bad country music song. After losing more than $100,000.00 to the failed software development project, Seth caught his long-term girlfriend cheating, and his beloved dog, Rocky, was diagnosed with advanced cancer.

“It was a gang bang of bad luck,” said Seth, with a smirk.“But, I also made mistakes that I’d helped dozens of people avoid when I was a counselor and business coach. It’s amazing how much less obvious things are when you’re in the heat of battle with no one to guide you. For one, I started slowly letting go of my writing clientele to focus on my business and marketing plans for the Vervenia Software. That turned out to be costlier than the failed development project. I also stayed too long in a relationship with someone who hadn’t fully grown up.”

After recovering from 2012, Seth returned to his roots as a business coach. He canceled his writing projects to focus on finding coaching clients. He also got back to his fighting weight of 185lbs and left the Vervenia Project in the rearview mirror…sort of.

Seth Czerepak Biography

On June 2nd of 2013, Seth met a woman he would end up marrying. On their fourth date, Seth totaled his car trying to drive through a flooded street in South Tampa. A week later, they moved in together. Then, they found their first dog, and named him “Agape.” A few months later, Agape jumped out a 2nd story window after a squirrel. Agape wasn’t hurt. Neither was the squirrel.

“Moving in together after one month was kind of crazy,” said Seth in 2020, “But it felt right, so we did it. That was seven years ago, and it’s turned out to be a wonderful thing.”

In January of 2014, Seth got the crazy idea to try and create his Marketing Automation Platform by cobbling together a group of pre-existing WordPress plugins. Huddled over his trusty Toshiba laptop, Seth became consumed by his mission to finish what he’d started five years ago. Seth created, scrapped, and recreated the first phase of the Vervenia Plugin four times that year.

“I never quit on things I’m passionate about,” said Seth, in 2020. “I just change my approach until I figure it out by raw trial and error. That’s how I’ve succeeded at most things in my life. It’s also how I would finally get this software created. But it took a hell of a lot of steel-chinned persistence.”

After six months of working sunrise to midnight every day on his software project, Seth still had hundreds of dollars a month in book royalties and a few copywriting referrals coming in. A full $30,000 in work came in without him doing one lick of marketing. However, this would be the last year Seth could live off the momentum of his prior copywriting business. Still, Seth chugged away at the fourth version of what he started calling The Vervenia Marketing Automation Suite. 

“The name ‘Vervenia,’ came from the combination of two Latin words, the first meaning ‘Truth,’ and the second word meaning ‘Grace.’ I picked that name because, most days, that was all I had left.” said Seth, “Truth to give me the discipline to keep going. Grace to give me the patience.”

They were publicly married on October 15th, 2015. During the ceremony, they revealed to the wedding guests learned that they had gotten legally married a year before. A month later Seth returned to his original plan to code the Vervenia Marketing Automation software from scratch. 

By the summer of 2016, Seth Czerepak had coded almost the entire Vervenia Marketing Automation Suite. From event tracking to segmenting, to content personalization, to eCommerce. But growing financial problems, and years of working 80, 90 to 100 hours a week had taken their toll on Seth’s health and his new marriage. He also began to realize that he’d made a few major structural errors in the Vervenia software.

“I had to start over. Again,” said Seth, “Looking back, I could have easily launched the software as is. Plenty of other developers have done worse and made a lot of money. But I couldn’t put more junk out there. I wanted to create something I could be proud of. Something that would give real value to people. That’s always been my attitude in business.”

After restarting the Vervenia project, Seth started to wonder if he was losing his mind. He hadn’t had even a freelance job in 18 months. Then, Seth remembered a quote he’d read in “Think and Grow Rich,” by Napoleon Hill…that he believed he’d not only finish his work one day, but that he’d be proud of himself for it.

In 2017, after restarting the Vervenia project several times, Seth decided to launch the software in phases. After releasing a freemium version of the Vervenia Marketing Automation Suite, Seth’s web server was hacked. He would have to upgrade to a more secure and reliable server to host his software. He also estimated it would take him at least another year to finish the final phases and launch something he could start selling.

On January 13th, 2018, Seth made the humbling decision to go back to work. He got a job selling financial trading software and invited his wife to take some much-needed time off of work. Three months later, Seth was laid off. It seemed that years of being a solo entrepreneur had made him unfit to work a regular job. With both he and his wife out of work, Seth found himself fighting a depression he hadn’t experienced since he was a teenager.

“All I wanted to do was give her some cover for a while,” said Seth. “She’d given so much to hold things together while I worked on the Vervenia project. She was exhausted. When I realized I wasn’t going to be able to give her that, I was crushed. I had all this experience and expertise. I’d had years where I’d made hundreds of thousands of dollars. But now, it felt like none of that had even happened.”

Seth spent the next six months searching for work. Dozens of companies told him he was “overqualified.” He also developed severe reactionary arthritis in both feet. Broke, depressed, and no longer able to walk without crutches, Seth was ready for God to step in.

Experiments With Hope

In the summer of 2018, Seth Czerepak got an email from a writing client he hadn’t spoken to in years. After earning $250 from a writing job that took him only two hours, Seth decided to get back to writing advertising copy. He also started his Video Podcast Series, The Story of My Experiments With Hope.

One year later, Seth had his first $5,000 month. He’d been finding freelance ghostwriting jobs, and work as a WordPress webmaster. He realized that all those years he’d spent coding were starting to pay off. Just not in the way he’d expected.

In early 2019, one of Seth’s clients started asking for custom WordPress development. Seth realized that the client was asking for features he’d already developed while working on the Vervenia project.

Seth Czerepak Biography

Once again, Seth started working on the Vervenia Software. This time, he finished the job. In October of 2019, Seth completed the final phase of debugging the Vervenia Marketing Automation Plugin for WordPress.

By his 44th Birthday, Seth was finally ready to launch The Vervenia Marketing Automation Suite. He also started planning new books and products based on Value-Driven Transcendence and The Antifragile Sales System. His ultimate goal would be to travel the country in an RV with his wife, while using his multiple streams of income to pursue his life’s purpose as a VDT coach and practitioner.

COVID and Controversy

The COVID-19 outbreak of 2020 sent Seth’s life in an unexpected direction. His public comments against the economic shutdowns and unconstitutional mandates attracted the attention of people whom Seth calls “The Priests of Political Correctness.” 

“My criticism of government corruption has made me appear more political than I am online,” said Seth in early November 2020. “But I still believe that the Republican party and the Democrat party are just two doors leading to the same slaughterhouse. Their campaign language is very different. But if you look at the long-term outcomes of their actions, they’re both moving toward the same end.”

They’ve duped the American people for a long time by pretending to be at war with each other. They’ve also practically swapped places on some important issues. For example, when I was a Liberal, in my 20’s, the Left was against globalism, big money interference in politics, and corporate monopolies. Today, the political left has been taken over by radicals who are obsessed with ruining people they disagree with. They play clever language games to avoid having rigorous debates and they’re just as bad about censorship as the extreme right was when I was growing up.”

“Then you have the political right, who are mostly cowards and Larpers who talk tough but do little to stand up for their values. When you look at their actions, they’re essentially pacifists who are waiting for some savior, like the mysterious ‘Qanon’ to rescue them. I refuse to be pulled in either direction, but some people still like to label me as one or the other.”

By December 2020, Seth had once again made himself wildly successful as a freelance copywriter, frequently having five figure months. He got back into coaching and focused on using his knowledge and experience in copywriting and direct response marketing to help other entrepreneurs achieve their dreams . 

The Red Life

In 2022, Seth discovered that one of the world’s top marketers, Rudy Mawer, was headquartered right in Clearwater, Florida, just over the bridge from his home in Tampa. Seth put his copywriting skills to work and wrote a heartfelt letter about why he wanted to join the team as a sales representative. After a brief in-person interview with Rudy and the COO, Seth was hired as a full-time marketing coach to work with Rudy’s top clients

“Some people were puzzled that I went ‘back’ to work for someone else, but people usually don’t understand my choices until they see their longer-term impact,” said Seth during a 2022 interview. “I made this move because I realized that if I wanted to break the seven-figure barrier, I needed to put myself in a place where I could grow, and that would mean making myself uncomfortable. This company was the ONLY place I’d seen where I thought that could reasonably happen.”

“I also remember, back in 2018, attending a small seminar where the speaker said ‘sometimes you have to take a step back to take a leap forward.’ That stuck with me and has served me well since I heard it. So, I’m not worried that I’m only making $60k a year to start. I’m investing in myself, and I’m confident that if I’m in the right place and if I give 100% to the work that’s right in front of me, the right door will open at the right time. My life has always worked out that way.”

Seth quickly became a head coach with the company, and was once again helping entrepreneurs find more customers and build more profitable businesses. Several of Seth’s clients crossed the seven figure barrier during their first year of working with him. Dozens more broke the six figure barrier or built profitable businesses from nothing. Seth quickly became a celebrity with his global client base and doors began to open for him to return to the stage and share his knowledge and his story. 

Seth quickly realized that he had grown tremendously during his 13 years working as a freelance copywriter. He used his combination of marketing knowledge, copywriting skills, and knowledge of sales and human behavior to double and triple his client’s response rates in blazingly short time frames. It would often only take a 15 or 30 minute call to get a sales funnel converting two or three times better. Working on on one with clients again proved to Seth that even he had been undervaluing himself as an expert in sales funnel copywriting. 

Someone Else?

Near the close of 2022, Seth realized he had to be honest with himself about where his marriage was headed. His wife hadn’t worked for five years and hardly did anything around the house. Seth was frustrated at first. Then angry. Then he became distant and cold, focusing only on his work. Years of trying to motivate his wife to do something for their future, or at least for herself, had left him numb. Heartbreak turned into self-preservation, and finally, into the ambition to get away for the sake of his own future. 

I literally tried everything I knew to try,” said Seth in a 2023 interview. “I tried being forgiving, kind, and understanding. I tried getting angry and putting my foot down. I tried counseling. I tried appealing to her conscience. I tried appealing to the future that I thought we both wanted to have together. I even withheld sex from her. That worked for a while and she got a job, but was fired for being constantly late. It was painful to watch, like dying the death of a thousand cuts. After five years of trying to help her, I’d had enough. I decided it was time to get on with my life alone.”

On February 11th 2023, Seth told his wife he was leaving. Due to an unexpected turn of events, Seth had to leave immediately. He and his dog would spend the next 10 days homeless and living out of Seth’s car. 

“It was the craziest thing, because the NIGHT BEFORE I’d told a friend, ‘I just have to get through these next ten days alive,'” said Seth. “This was before I knew what was about to happen. I’ve always had a prophetic gift, but it still spooks my sometimes. We were separated for more than five months before I got her to sign uncontested divorce papers. She literally took six weeks to fill out papers that I filled out in just 30 minutes.”

“During those five long months, she spied on me via my phone account, had pictures taken of me while I was out with friends, cancelled my phone and car insurance without telling me, and drained our joint bank account of $10,000. That was money I’d earned and saved after moving out, and we’d already agreed to split what we had in savings when I left. I was literally penniless for two weeks and had to rely on friends for help. I hadn’t been in that position in decades. She said she did it because she ‘needed me to hate her,’ but I refused to let those events change who I am.”

Song Lyrics

“They say a man lives two lives, the life he learns from, and the life he lives. I’ve had to start over many times in my life, but this time it was truly different. Those ten days literally marked the end of that first life, and the beginning of the second. When I look back on that life, I know it was me, but it also looks like someone else. It looks like a man who paid the price so that that man I’ve become can live the life that I know is coming next.” 

In July of 2023, Seth finished writing a new book “Live Like you Give a F*ck,” which he would publish by the end of the month. He also started working on the revision for his first book, which he’d rename “The Antifragile Sales System,” which he planned to publish in January of 2024, just in time for his 48th Birthday. These would be his first steps toward stepping into an exciting new entrepreneurial vision. 

The Rise of the Red Neo

Earlier in 2023, while authoring an article for his company’s newsletter, Seth had teasingly nicknamed himself “The Red Neo.” The nickname was based on the character Neo from The Matrix movies. The article was published, along with the nickname. Clients and team members soon started calling Seth by the name, and it stuck.

By the middle of 2023, Seth started taking the Red Neo persona seriously and decided to make it the archetype for his personal brand. He created a logo and a cartoon avatar for character and started using the nickname in his social media accounts. He also planned to use it when publishing his books, and his podcasts, and speaking from stage.

“In many ways, Neo is the archetype of every role I’ve played in my life. He’s a maverick, a fighter, a love, and a liberator. Most importantly, he’s the kind of hero that can walk in both worlds – the real world where people are free, and the world of illusions that’s controlled by the machines. Becoming an entrepreneur means leaving the world of the machines, first in your mind, then in your actions, and then in your lifestyle. My mission is to find and to help people who want to make that shift, to step into a new life where they’re free in mind, body, and spirit.”

In July of 2023, one of Seth’s clients offered to publish his upcoming books and his two podcasts, “The Antifragile Entrepreneur,” and a podcast on Spiritual Growth called, “The Character of Christ.” This is where we find Seth today, and the rest of the story is yet to be written. Stay tuned. 

More About Seth Czerepak


Seth Czerepak has a formal education that includes degrees in philosophy, music theory, and developmental psychology from the University of South Florida and Harvard Certifications in Neuroscience. However, he considers his entrepreneurial experience and life-long commitment to self-education to be his greatest intellectual assets. 

“I graduated from college with honors. But it wasn’t because I worked hard and loved school,” Seth said in a 2012 Press Release interview, “I was too busy reading. You know, books on psychology, moral philosophy, information theory, quantum mechanics…that was a big one…and biographies about Beethoven, Berlioz, Bach, Stravinsky, and a whole bunch of interesting historical figures, the good and the bad.”

Since his early 20’s, Seth has read more than 1,000 books on human motivation, moral philosophy, linguistics, marketing, and anthropology. Seth has dozens of ancient and modern texts memorized. His professional expertise includes 15,000 hours of direct response copywriting, 10,000 hours of one-on-one counseling, and 10,000 hours of WordPress development.

Political Views

Seth Czerepak is a Libertarian and considers both major political parties to be “corrupt beyond redemption.” His political philosophy is a reflection of his expertise in human motivation.

First, Seth believes that the right amount of power can corrupt anyone.

Second, Seth believes that everyone has the natural right to live their own life, according to their own values, as long as they’re not interfering with someone else’s right to do the same.

Finally, Seth believes that people have the natural right to defend themselves against anyone who would seek to interfere with these basic rights. 

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“I’m probably more of an Anarchist than anything since the real meaning of that word is ‘Against rulers.’” said Seth. “Bottom line, I don’t believe anyone has the right to rule over another person. I prefer to defend my right to live my own life, and, when possible, to defend other people’s right to do the same. I think that’s our moral duty. But any attempt to proactively impose your values on someone else is just wrong. I don’t care how virtuous you think your values are. The second you try to force them on someone or to vote someone into power to do it for you, you become an agent of tyranny.”

Seth’s expert knowledge of propaganda tactics and dark occult-style psychological manipulation has led him to believe that the “Left vs Right” political paradigm is also an instrument of tyranny. 

“I was a Liberal in my early 20’s. Then I realized that their solution to almost every problem is another law, regulation, or government program. That’s epically stupid when you consider two things. First, most Liberals believe that big corporations have been corrupted by power and greed. In most cases, I agree with them on this. But they naively think they can solve this problem by centralizing more power and money into this big organization we call a government. Liberals also seem to have a shallow understanding of human nature and of the laws of cause and effect. I mean, if citizens are so incapable of being decent that they need a government to enforce or impose basic decency on citizens, how the hell can those same citizens be trusted to elect ‘the right leaders?’”

“Mainstream Conservatives aren’t much better. They claim to want less government. But then they’re eager to shovel out trillions of dollars for building a military and law-enforcement machine that could be easily used to impose tyranny on American Citizens, and the rest of the Civilized World. In fact, we saw an ironic example in 2019 with the I.G. Report. In the early 2000s, Congress passed a law called ‘The Patriot Act.’ They sold it to Mainstream Conservative Americans by claiming that it would be used to ‘protect us’ by surveilling potential terrorists and putting them on trial. Of course, a whole mess of ‘small government’ conservatives applauded this like seals clapping for a handful of sardines. Then, in 2019, they found out that our so-called ‘Intelligence Agencies’ had used this same law to surveil, and frame their Republican President. That’s cartoon-like irony if you ask me.”

After having his secondary YouTube and Twitter accounts banned for making videos exposing political corruption, Seth took a break from public debate. He started planning an “Intellectual Fiction” series called The Apologist. These books showcase Seth’s political views within the context of a fictional narrative, just as authors like George OrwellAyn Rand, and Aldous Huxley did during the 20th Century. However, the 2020 COVID-19 shutdowns inspired Seth to once again go public with his criticisms of government corruption. 


Between the years of 2016 and 2017, Seth’s secondary YouTube and Twitter accounts were banned for content said to have “Violated Community Guidelines” for these platforms. His domain “redeemthenarrative.com,” a website publishing opinion pieces on politics and culture, was deindexed by Google, along with his namesake domain.

The bans came after Seth’s criticizing of members of the United States Congress, and of the Mainstream News Media for their use of Soviet-Style propaganda tactics during and after the 2016 Presidential election. In 2019, Seth was temporarily suspended by Facebook after posting stories detailing Facebook’s agreement to publish political ads bought by Russian and Ukrainian Troll farms.

Seth Czerepak Biography

“The most ironic thing is that these platforms banned my accounts for exposing their plans to work in concert with United States lawmakers to systematically censor people they disagree with,” said Seth, “It’s just a good thing I kept my personal accounts separate from my political accounts. So, I didn’t completely lose my access to those platforms. Still, it’s f*cked up. I’m a firm believer that any business has the right to deny you service, for whatever reason. I mean, as long as they’re not endangering your life by it. But Social Media has become an extension of the public space now. That’s the only reason these companies have enough users to make money selling ad space. But legally speaking, these companies aren’t editorial entities, like newspapers. Based on what I know, they don’t have the legal right to practice editorial discretion. Especially if it blocks people from practicing their first amendment rights within what has become part of our public social sphere.”

Seth’s access to his personal Facebook account was reinstated after several weeks but removed without warning or explanation in early 2020. His personal Twitter and YouTube accounts remained unaffected by the bans. He is currently planning to share his cultural and political views via fictional books, just as authors like George OrwellAyn Rand, and Aldous Huxley did during the 20th Century.


Seth’s close friends and family members call him the most disciplined and determined person they know, and some consider his ambitions to border on obsession. He is a voracious student of spiritual and philosophical writings and has dozens of ancient and modern texts memorized, including:

  • Genesis Chapters 1-4 (In Hebrew and English).
  • The Kybalion Chapter 2 (7 Hermetic Principles).
  • The Isha, Kena, and Mandukya Upanishads.
  • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Books 1-4 (Full).
  • The Tao Te Ching Books 1-81 (Full).
  • The Dhammapada Chapters 1-26 (Full).

Seth also plays the guitar and the piano. He has written dozens of folk songs for guitar and voice, several pieces of chamber music, three orchestral pieces, one opera, and a seven-part piano suite. He also enjoys weightlifting, boxing, martial arts, hiking, fishing, forex trading, and meditation. 

Seth Czerepak Hobbies

Peer Reviews

I was impressed by Seth’s portfolio from the moment that I saw it. He has incredible talent and drive to succeed. I recommended him to a client that meant a great deal to me, and he wowed us all! I would never hesitate to hire Seth in any capacity, because he’s honest and self-aware enough to know what would and wouldn’t work. He tackles projects like he owns them, and that is very, very rare. He is focused and conscientious as well, which I admire (those are rare traits). He’s an asset to any project. I would never hesitate to use him again, and would actually prefer to work with him over anyone else in his field.”

Freda Drake

Freda Drake

Public Relations Expert

I was referred to Seth by a friend who is a high-level international marketer who has multiple businesses; e-commerce, conducting international seminars on marketing and business coaching. He raved about Seth, and brought Seth in to speak at one of his events. I have had exposure to, and have been trained by, world-class level marketers and copywriters. I was curious about who Seth was, & why he garnered such effusive praise from my friend, who in his own right is a world-class marketer. I was blown away! Seth not only is a marketing genius, I would put him up there with John Carlton, Gary Halbrook, and Dan Kennedy as a copywriter. Dan Kennedy even gushed praise on Seth for his marketing insight. Considering the way Dan talked about Seth, I’ve only ever seen him heap praise like that on Carlton and Halbrook. (He may have done it for others, by I’m unaware of it.) So, I consulted with Seth on an info marketing venture I was started. I was fascinated by his level of insight and excited at how he didn’t waste time and got right to business. His questions and detailed analysis of what was at play in my marketing efforts left me speechless. But he was right! I did some more work, bought his marketing books, and ended up being coached by him. It was well worth it. I was disappointed when Seth stepped away from his coaching efforts (at least with me) to focus on an intense new project of his own. The coaching I received from Seth, as well as our initial consultation, and even the first presentation I saw him give, continue to guide me through my current marketing efforts. I have a new project I’m planning, and I will absolutely consult with Seth before I move forward. I give Seth my highest recommendation as a marketer, copywriter, and entrepreneurial consultant.

Frederic Gray

Frederic Gray

Public speaker

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