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Entrepreneur Success Story - Seth Czerepak's Podcast

Podcast: “The Story of My Experiments With Hope”

Episode 65: No Apologies

I, Seth Czerepak, am a proud Western Entrepreneur who refuses to apologize for creating the modern world. That’s right, I said it. This is my official “coming out” podcast where I declare myself a proud apologist of the principles of Western Civilization. I have resisted going public about this for years now, but the time has come to make a stand. I will die poor before I will allow myself to be spiritually and morally crushed by…

Podcast 64: Freedom Over Safety

This is your time. Things won’t go back to “normal.” It’s time to make a choice. Freedom, or safety. Sometimes life forces you to choose between these two. Your life will be shaped by which you chose. If you’re someone who has more often chosen freedom, you might be discouraged that other people seem to be farther along their path than you are. They’ve taken a more predictable path. So, of course, they took fewer detours…

Podcast 63: We Almost Lost it

Taking the road less traveled is tough. The toughest part is the toll it takes on your relationships. Especially with your spouse. When I started this journey in 2018, my wife, Alexis, got mad at me for doing the first podcast. She’d watched me lose all hope and sink into a deep depression. But the truth is, hope was all I had back then. That and my dormant professional expertise.

Podcast 62: Quit the System

Economic crisis is the BEST reason to start your own business. For years, you’ve heard being an entrepreneur is “risky.” Now look, you’re right where you were afraid you’d end up. Not because you started your own business and failed, but because you worked a “real” job, and lost it. When the economic system fails you, the smartest thing you can do, it leave it for good.

Podcast 61: Working from Home

Working from home long term requires a totally different approach than working from home temporarily. First, your lifestyle goals should drive your income goals AND the kind of work you decide to work in. If you get this backwards, you’ll burnout in the first few years and end up back at the office working for someone else.

Podcast 60: My Coronavirus Rant

America was built by entrepreneurs. Now, panicked and ignorant bureaucrats and media bobbleheads (many of whom have never built anything from the ground up) are destroying small businesses with their short-sighted response to the Coronavirus Pandemic. We MUST have a conversation about the livelihoods that are being ruined by our response to this crisis.

Podcast 59: My Forex Experiment

I’m starting Forex trading with 100 dollars this year. So far, I’ve managed to keep what I started with. I’ve had some gains and some losses, basically broken even. Since I’m determined to give this an honest try, I’m giving myself 90 days before I decide to quit. If I still have all my initial $100 after this 90-day experiment, I’ll keep going. I’ll document my results in these podcasts…

Podcast 58: New Year’s Myths

Here’s the truth about New Year’s Resolutions…they’re one of the most ridiculous superstitions in the modern world. How many people get TRULY spooked on Friday the 13th? I’m talking about those people who they honestly bad things are going to happen to them just because of a date on a calendar? If you think these people are nuts, you should honestly ask why you’re…

Podcast 57: Persuading Your Spouse

I heard this, and things like it, many, many times during my coaching career. As someone who once had to end their marriage over this issue, I understand how serious it can be. However, my current wife is often more supportive of my entrepreneurial aspirations than I am. So, I’ve seen this problem from both angles now, and I’ve helped plenty of people get through it.  In my…

Podcast 56: Going Off-Grid

Just over a year ago, I started this podcast to track my entrepreneurial journey. My first podcast was about restarting from nothing. A few weeks ago, I published my “one year later” update and shared how I built my remote income source to $5,000+ a month. My next goal is to create passive income sources and to prepare for going “Off the Grid.” This has been a dream of…

Podcast 55: Income Goals

An important part of becoming a successful entrepreneur is knowing how to set income goals. In my experience, most people get this really wrong. For example, let’s assume I ask you how much money you want to make in a year, and you say $1 Million. Totally possible, but what do you plan to do with the money? If you want to reach your goal, THIS is the question that matters.

Podcast 54: “Smartphonitis”

How is your smartphone killing your productivity? Try this tomorrow morning…take your smartphone out, turn it off, and give it to someone who you trust to keep it until your workday is over. Do this for a week and see how much you get done. Compare that week to your average workweek and you’ll see what I mean. If you’re an entrepreneur working from home, you…

Podcast 53: One Year Later

One year ago, I was restarting from nothing. Since then, I’ve documented my journey back to entrepreneurial success in this podcast. At the time of my first podcast, I was making zero dollars a month. Today, I’m making about $5,000+ a month on average. Of course, this month is only partially over, so I’m working on this month’s goal. But, this ought to show people what’s…

Podcast 52: Tragedy and Meaning

We rarely think about finding meaning in tragedy. Until tragedy hits. This week, it did. A very close family member of ours died of a heart attack at 35. It was totally unexpected news. So, in today’s podcast I’m talking about how we find meaning in tragedy. My personal experience has shown me that death is not the end. But, for those who survive us, it often is. At least for a while.

Podcast 51: Trial and Error

Some entrepreneurs are good planners. Others learn and perfect their methods through trial and error. Which is more important in business? I’m going to say, they’re both important. And no, that’s not a cop-out. Sure, you’ll learn more and get more done through trial and error than you will by planning. But, ONLY if you consistently practice these two habits…

Podcast 50: Toxic Relationships

Nothing will crash your entrepreneurial dreams faster than toxic relationships in business. The same is true in your personal life. If you’re an ambitious person with big dreams, you’re one in a million. The odds are slim of you finding a business partner who is nearly as hardworking, creative, and persistent as you are. The odds are even slimmer that you’ll find a romantic…

Podcast 49: Risk Beats Regret

Risk vs Regret…at some point in your life, you’ll face one or the other. If you run from risk today, you’re almost certain to face regret later. The only way to escape this is to deny your own ambitions when you finally realize that you didn’t have the courage to pursue them. The saddest and most common deathbed regret is…”I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself…”

Podcast 48: Reverse Procrastination

By my definition, reverse procrastination is when you’re in so much of a hurry to get things done “ahead of time,” you rush through them, burn yourself out, and/or work past the point of diminishing return. All of these behaviors are destructive to your productivity. Sure, they might seem to “work” in the short run. But over time, they wear down what Stephen R Covey calls…

Podcast 47: Your Online Reputation

How important is your online reputation when you’re not a big brand or a local business? I’ve often told people that your online reputation is practically written in stone. Once someone says something about you on the internet, it’s there. And in almost all cases, it’s not going anywhere. Whether it’s true or not doesn’t matter. The downside of the “everyone gets a seat at the table”

Podcast 46: The Myth of Security

Most aspiring Entrepreneurs never make “the leap” into the world of entrepreneurship because of their misconceptions of uncertainty in entrepreneurship. They assume that having a job is more financially secure and that they’re “giving up” this security by venturing out on their own. But this is a myth. Here’s why working for an employer actually carries more risk…

Podcast 45: Principle of Gender

What is the Principle of Gender in Business? It’s the combination of the Masculine Principle of Order, and the Feminine Principle of Motion. Order without motion leads to procrastination, while motion without order leads to chaos. But, when applied in balance and in sync with the Principle of Rhythm, the Principles of Order and Motion will make you unstoppable as an…

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