Curiosity and Success - The Missing Link Between You and Your Dreams

Podcast 23: Faith, or Skepticism?

The Golden Link Between Curiosity and Success

Faith and Skepticism are both essential to your success as an entrepreneur. Faith is important for reasons I’ve talked about in past podcasts on the Principle of Faith.  Skepticism is important because it guards your mind against the truckloads of BS found in so many self-help books and in books on business success. It also protects you from being led astray by the shiny objects that come across your path. But if you’re polarized on either end of the Faith-Skepticism spectrum, you’ll stay stuck. 

For instance, in my book series Single Serving Wisdom, I say that some people use skepticism as an excuse to remain ignorant. This is true. Just think about the people you know who are so skeptical, that their skepticism crystalizes into cynicism, and they’re no longer open to new ideas. Such people are no longer curious about ideas that sound odd to them or which contradict their existing beliefs. Instead, they wear their hyper-skepticism as a badge of honor and often criticize people who act on faith.

At the other end of this pole is faith, which, when not balanced with critical thought, can crystalize into gullibility. People who are too polarized on the faith end of the spectrum will be hopelessly led astray by every new trend, gimmick, or opportunity that comes across their path. Curiosity is how you settle this false dilemma between faith and skepticism. This is why I believe that the link between curiosity and success is often the missing link between you and your dreams. 

Goals and Progress

  • November Income: $1,174 (November Goal $2,000).
  • December Income: $56 (December Goal $2,000).
  • Bodyweight: 239.4lbs (Goal 185).
  • Linkedin Connections: 7,009 (Goal 10,000).

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