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You Need a DIRECT RESPONSE COPYWRITER Who UNDERSTANDS YOU, Your Business, and Your Customers

Copywriting is about selling. Selling is deeply PERSONAL.

You don’t need a direct response copywriter who hides behind an agency or an online persona. You don’t need someone who does this as a “side gig” or who just quit their customer service job last month.

You need a direct response copywriter with IN PERSON SALES EXPERIENCE. You need someone who LISTENS and UNDERSTANDS YOU, respects your customers, and cares about YOUR SUCCESS.

Direct Response Copywriter for Hire Seth Czerepak

Let’s work together to BOOST YOUR SALES and GROW YOUR BUSINESS!

50% Increase in Conversions*

All I can say is WOW! My wife and I met with Seth to talk to him about writing sales copy for our website and to increase conversions from our Pay Per Click marketing. Seth was very thorough in asking questions not just about our business but also about our customers and their reasons for using our service. After a few meetings and phone consults we were given the new copy and I was stunned at the response. Within a few days, my site conversions were up by 50% and I received an email from a customer who said when she read the copy on my site it was as if we had read her mind. Seth, I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work and for the difference you made in my business.”

Direct Response Copywriter for Hire

Vince Reina

Real Estate marketing expert

Endorsed By The Godfather of Direct Response Marketing

Dan S Kennedy

“Seth Czerepak has accomplished a Herculean purpose with The Antifragile Sales System. He has taken some of the most sophisticated aspects of writing to influence, motivate, persuade and sell and made them accessible and pragmatically useful, nearly to the point of fill in the blank systemization. It is relatively easy to systemize the making of a sub sandwich in 1,000 Subway® shops or the installation of a car muffler in 1,000 Midas Muffler® shops. It is far, far, far from easy to systemize the crafting of persuasive copy. I know. I have been a professional direct-response copywriter for 40+ years, and raised myself to top income in the field, routinely commanding upwards from $100,000.00 per project, earning a 7-figure annual income from fees and royalties, with over 85% of all clients repeating with me. Further, I have taught copywriting to writers, direct marketers and business owners via seminars and workshops, home study and online courses, and one to one coaching. There are easier things to teach. Seth has covered essential bases and delved into advanced and groundbreaking territory as well.”

Seth Czerepak Dan S Kennedy Endorsement

Why Hire a Direct Response Copywriter?

“Good copywriters are expensive.”

I have to laugh when I hear this. 

Kids are expensive. Family vacations are expensive. Luxury cars are expensive. 

But do you know what’s REALLY expensive?

Cold calling. Burning up hours on social media just to get a few likes. Dumping money into ads that don’t convert. Posting help wanted ads for commission-only salespeople.

It’s mentally and emotionally expensive to watch your business dry up when the economy goes bad. You’re here because you need MORE QUALITY LEADS and MORE SALES.

You want to stop chasing leads and start growing your business.

What is that worth to you?

What Does a Direct Response Copywriter Do?

A direct response copywriter is more of a salesperson than a writer.

Wait! Write that down. Whether you hire me or not, you’ll want to remember it.

I write to sell. You pay me to sell. You don’t pay me to make a word count. 

Take a look at these two ads (I changed the phone number to mine for my client’s sake): 

This client owned a SINGLE LOCATION carpet cleaning business. He was working hard but struggling to get customers. These are two ads I created to give him the SALES BOOST he needed. Today, he has locations all over central Florida.

The TOTAL word count for both these ads is less than 500. You could hire someone on Fiverr to write 500 words for $20 to $25.

But…how many sales would you make? 

That’s the difference between regular writing and direct response copywriting.  

Here are two lead generation ads I created for a personal trainer:

Notice that these ads are short on words. But they both did damn well for my client. 

That’s what a direct response copywriter does. 

We write to sell. 

I have a saying, “It takes sales to scale.”

It’s really that simple. When you’re making sales, you can spend more money on ads. You can spend less time chasing leads, and MORE TIME running your business while the leads come to YOU. 

Does that sound good?

I agree!

One more example to hammer this point home. 

These are lead generation ads I created for a Day Spa and Yoga Studio:

Now, imagine your customers seeing YOUR high-converting ads.

They see them on social media or on a website ad.

They click through to your website. They read your HIGH CONVERTING WEB COPY. They eagerly fill out your lead form.

Some of them BUY RIGHT AWAY or call you to set an appointment.

Others read your engaging and compelling follow-up emails. A few days or weeks later, they buy your product or call you for an appointment. 

Suddenly you’re waking up every morning to a FULL CALENDAR and an email box full of “New Sale from ___” alerts. 


No more cold-calling. No more posting on social media just to get a few likes while your partner goes to bed without you. No more feeling your toes curl in your shoes when you spend money on ads that might not convert. 

No more fear of an empty email box or a quiet phone when the economy goes bad. 

You can FINALLY stop chasing leads and start GROWING YOUR BUSINESS.

How does that feel?

What to Look for in a Direct Response Copywriter

Geez, I guess I have a vested interest in this question, right?

First, check their LinkedIn Profile and look at their work history.

Do they have sales experience before becoming a copywriter?

That matters a LOT.

Freelance writing is SUPER popular these days. That’s why the internet is flooded with people who can write, but who don’t know how to sell. Some of them even TEACH copywriting courses and write books about how to do it.

(Shaking my head)

This is why the internet swarming with confusing advice about copywriting, content marketing, and SEO writing. In fact, I’ve had to block several visitors from my website for downloading my portfolio examples and trying to pass them off as their own work. Many of these writers are well-meaning people, and very pleasant to work with. But they aren’t salespeople. 

I got my first sales job in 2003. I went on to become a Sales Manager and Sales Trainer. Bottom line, I’m a salesperson first, and a writer second. 

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a pretty darn good writer too (you should see my poetry).

But you don’t pay me to write. You pay me to help BOOST YOUR SALES and GROW YOUR BUSINESS.

How Do We Work Together?

Start by filling out a quote request. If I think I can help with your project, we’ll schedule a meeting. 

Whether you HIRE ME or not, I promise you’ll learn something from our first conversation. 

Just a quick heads up before you contact me…

The purpose of our meeting is to decide whether this is a good fit for both of us.  

I don’t brainstorm ideas unless we decide to work together.

People pay me to write, but they also pay for my expertise and insights.

Please respect that when we talk. I’m excited to hear from you. 

Want to Steal My “Secret Recipe” While You’re Here?

Look, I get it. It’s a big decision. You don’t need a writer who does this for a little money on the side. 

You need a direct response copywriter who LISTENS and UNDERSTANDS YOU, respects your customers, and cares about YOUR SUCCESS. That means you and I will be getting to know each other. That’s a big commitment, even for a small project. 

But since I probably paid for the ad that got you here, please accept my FREE GIFT (aka, “shameless bribe”)…

I call it the Copywriter’s Magic Template.

It’s a simple, fill-in-the-blank template. You can use it to write your own headlines, bullet points, calls to action, social media posts, PPC ads, and teasers for your products, books, articles, videos, or podcasts. 

I use this nifty little tool to get my creative juices going on new copywriting projects. 

I’ll also send you some training videos on how to use it, AND monthly updates on what I’m doing.

If I learn something that’s working for your niche, I’ll email you about it.  

No spam. No hard-selling. No begging. Just accept my FREE GIFT so we can stay in touch. 

Fair enough?

Fill out the contact form below, and I’ll send it to you within 24 hours. 

Get Your FREE GIFT Now


Endorsed By Millionaire Information Marketers

"We've used Seth's writing services for several projects, from information products to marketing copy. His work is always top-quality and delivered ahead of schedule."

Mark Ling

Mark Ling

founder of affilorama

Endorsed By a New York Times Best-Selling Author

"My second book, Internet Prophets: The World’s Leading Experts Reveal How to Profit Online, was a tough book to create. Though not an anthology, it is based on 25 interviews conducted with incredible personal development, internet marketing, and dot com experts. Turning those interviews into cohesive chapters that flowed within the context of an entire book was no small feat. Enter Seth Czerepak. He helped me make sense of the madness and create what Jay Conrad Levinson of Guerrilla Marketing fame called, “The best marketing book I’ve read in over 20 years."

Steve Olsher

Steve Olsher

speaker, and NYT Bestselling Author

More Rave Client Testimonials

"My experience with Seth was outstanding. He is more than a writer, he is a strategic thinker and partner in your project. Not only was the copy and finished work exceptional but it was also done with excellence. If you are looking for a writer to take your project to the next level then Seth is your guy. Give him the vision and let him work his creative copywriting magic. Thanks, Seth! I am so grateful for your time and effort on this project! It turned out AMAZING!!!

Copywriting Testimonial

Clint Rogers

Author, Pastor, and speaker

"Seth has worked with us on multiple projects and we are always blessed with the results. We will continue to work with Seth in the future and quick to recommend him to others!"

Direct Response Copywriter Testimonials

Adam Hagaman

speaker and CBD Sales expert

"Seth is a brilliant editor and so much more. To produce a really good book you need the insight of a brilliant writer who knows the formulas for a really great book. Organizing the work in a way that people want to keep reading, and Seth is a master at this. Editing is so much more than correcting grammar and using the correct punctuation. There is a hidden talent to the really good editors and trust me Seth has it. I can't imagine writing a book without Seth advising me, guiding me, and using his talents to make my work sought after! Really, this guy is beyond amazing with talent. He is a joy to work with too. He really cares about his clients, he pours his heart, soul, and talent into your work--honestly he is pure magic. I highly recommend Seth to anyone who wants to produce exceptional work. He uses his background to add clarity and depth to the work. Seth brought to this work his profound understanding of the “reader,”—what the reader really wants and needs. He is sensitive about the reader’s time and remains focused on not wasting it. Thank you Seth, I am more grateful than words can express, you are in a word, remarkable! Hire Seth...you will benefit tremendously."

Dr. Kim Metcalfe

Dr. Kim Metcalfe

Educational psychologist

"As I navigated towards publishing my first book, I was in search of an editor to help develop and structure my content forward. I interviewed multiple editors and Seth's knowledge and ideas stuck out to me from the beginning. As we began working together, I quickly learned just how widely intelligent and resourceful his capabilities were. I can't express enough the quality of writing, research, collaboration, patience and overall professionalism I received while working with Seth. He went above and beyond to deliver great editorial work and make my book something I am even more proud of now. His diversity of knowledge and care for his clients is evident and I strongly recommend him for his editorial work. My book's expertise cut through multiple sectors including, human health sciences, spirituality, business/communications, personal development and high-performance habits. His extensive knowledge amplified my book's offering. Thanks Seth!"

Joel Puthoff

Joel Puthoff

Author and sales trainer

"Seth did a fantastic job. He understood the project from the start, stayed consistent with my voice and vision and always did what he said he was going to do. I'd recommend Seth to anyone who wants to write a great book."

Kenny Chapman

Kenny Chapman

Author and speaker

"What can I say Seth worked with me on both of my books. He is a true professional and awesome copywriter and he gets it. Period."

Mark Patrick

Mark Patrick

Author and speaker

Student Testimonials

"This man has a one-of-a-kind gift for empathetic but also systematic teaching. I've watched many of his lectures and used his books as direct resources in my journey into direct response copywriting. I've sought his feedback at times when I lacked confidence and was always impressed by the generous level of detail and insight his advice contained. It's the kind of wisdom only deep experience as a marketer and lifetime student can yield. I would recommend him without hesitation as a copywriter, consultant, and human being. On a side note: He also has a killer sense of humor and a great knack for choosing the perfect metaphor."

Jordan Basson

Jordan Basson

b2b business consultant

"Seth is a great mentor for anyone looking to get into the dog eat dog world of copywriting. He gives helpful advice and suggestions while honoring the hard work you've put into a project. If you've read or listened to Seth speak about his background, you already know how he seems to always build himself up to success regardless of what he's doing. You never have to worry about vague instructions or unclear communication when you work with Seth."

Anthony Bustos

Anthony Bustos

freelance business consultant

"Almost everything I've learned about copywriting, I've learned from Seth. He's a master of metaphors. A champion of conversions. A sales swami in every sense of the word. Hire Seth and your business will grow, period."

Todd Marsha

Todd Marsha

freelance Copywriter

"Seth was invaluable in helping me to write my first book. I leaned on Seth to refine my concept, improve flow, reduce editorial errors, and see my work through the reader's eye. I was impressed that he was able to do all of these things at a high level. Throughout the three months we worked together, our communication was excellent as we met all deadlines. Not only is my final work better than I expected, but I learned a lot about writing in the process. I would recommend Seth for anyone's first (or tenth) book."

Drew Millar

Drew Millar

product development specialist

Peer Reviews

"I was impressed by Seth's portfolio from the moment that I saw it. He has incredible talent and drive to succeed. I recommended him to a client that meant a great deal to me, and he wowed us all! I would never hesitate to hire Seth in any capacity, because he's honest and self-aware enough to know what would and wouldn't work. He tackles projects like he owns them, and that is very, very rare. He is focused and conscientious as well, which I admire (those are rare traits). He's an asset to any project. I would never hesitate to use him again, and would actually prefer to work with him over anyone else in his field."

Freda Drake

Freda Drake

Public Relations Expert

"I was referred to Seth by a friend who is a high-level international marketer who has multiple businesses; e-commerce, conducting international seminars on marketing and business coaching. He raved about Seth, and brought Seth in to speak at one of his events. I have had exposure to, and have been trained by, world-class level marketers and copywriters. I was curious about who Seth was, & why he garnered such effusive praise from my friend, who in his own right is a world-class marketer. I was blown away! Seth not only is a marketing genius, I would put him up there with John Carlton, Gary Halbrook, and Dan Kennedy as a copywriter. Dan Kennedy even gushed praise on Seth for his marketing insight. Considering the way Dan talked about Seth, I’ve only ever seen him heap praise like that on Carlton and Halbrook. (He may have done it for others, by I’m unaware of it.) So, I consulted with Seth on an info marketing venture I was started. I was fascinated by his level of insight and excited at how he didn’t waste time and got right to business. His questions and detailed analysis of what was at play in my marketing efforts left me speechless. But he was right! I did some more work, bought his marketing books, and ended up being coached by him. It was well worth it. I was disappointed when Seth stepped away from his coaching efforts (at least with me) to focus on an intense new project of his own. The coaching I received from Seth, as well as our initial consultation, and even the first presentation I saw him give, continue to guide me through my current marketing efforts. I have a new project I’m planning, and I will absolutely consult with Seth before I move forward. I give Seth my highest recommendation as a marketer, copywriter, and entrepreneurial consultant."

Frederic Gray

Frederic Gray

Public speaker

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