Episode 5: The Tyranny of Conformity - Seth Czerepak

Episode 5: The Tyranny of Conformity

What is Social Tyranny?

Why do so many public figures lack the courage to do what is right?

Why does it seem like conformity and public disapproval have become tools of tyranny?

Why are people, even those in seats of power, so vulnerable to peer pressure?

How do we stop it before America is swept away by the tyranny of conformity?

Get ready to discover the root of today’s tyranny. Today’s tyranny isn’t wrought by kings in castles or dictators in seats of power. It is a dangerously decentralized and socially reinforced global peer pressure that’s reinforced by some of the most intellectually crippled and emotionally desolate people in our society. Seth discusses the real power behind cancel culture and how we can overcome the tyranny of conformity and solve the problem of our age.

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