Podcast - Seth Czerepak

Technique #10: Urgency in Copywriting

There are two ways to create Urgency in Copywriting: external pressure, and internal pressure. External pressure is simple. All it takes is an irresistible limited-time offer. Internal pressure is more complicated, but also more powerful. In fact, if you create enough internal pressure, your limited-time offers will become much, much more effective. Creating internal pressure …

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Content Marketing Strategy and Best Practices

A Content Marketing Strategy is a type of marketing plan focused on creating and distributing relevant, valuable information with the goal of attracting a clearly-defined audience and engaging them to take a specific action. This article introduces our eight-step content marketing blueprint. I started designing this system in the early 2000s while working as a …

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How to Create a Content Distribution Strategy

A Content Distribution Strategy is a plan for publishing and promoting your content to a clearly-defined buyer persona using multiple media formats distributed through various channels. This article explains how to build and implement a Content Distribution Strategy, starting with three types of content distribution channels. We’ll cover three rules for picking the best channels …

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Episode 1: The Problem of The Age

We all know what the “problem of the age” is because it’s bearing down on us right now. It’s the arrogant belief that we should submit to the “rules” of those who THINK they know what is “best” for the rest of us. It’s the belief that anyone who doesn’t embrace these “rules” is a horrible person who must be silenced. Let me remind you that this has been tried many times in history, and in many countries…

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