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Seth Czerepak Experiments with hope

Podcast 1: Restarting from Nothing

I’m one of those entrepreneurs who started with nothing AND who restarted with nothing. Think about it, how many times do you get to SEE an entreprenuer’s success story unfold in real-time? That’s the purpose of this podcast The Story of My Experiments With Hope, of which this video is the first entry. It summarizes how I got here, and how I’m coming back from rock bottom.

Podcast 2: Managing Perfectionism

Procrastination and Entrepreneurship are 100% Incompatible. But what most entrepreneurs never learn is how perfectionism DRIVES procrastination. 10,000+ hours of one-on-one coaching taught me that this misunderstanding is a top obstacle to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Here’s how you STOP perfectionism and procrastination form stealing your dreams.

Podcast 3: Equity vs Income

What do you think of when you hear the terms “entrepreneurship” and “social capital” in the same sentence? It has nothing to do with politics, sociology, or even economics. It has to do with the difference between building equity and chasing income. Income is important, but it shouldn’t be your long-term goal. Smart entrepreneurs focus on equity first, income second.

Podcast 4: Science of Self-Sabotage

Self-Sabotage and fear of success are one and the same. In my experience, every entrepreneur who hits a plateau, and can’t break past it, is secretly sabotaging their own success. The problem is, most people are in 100% denial about their own self-destructive behaviors. Instead, they either rationalize their behavior, or they try to correct the SYMPTOMS of self-sabotage.

Podcast 5: My Dumbest Mistake

It’s one of the most common mistakes new writers make. It was also one of my dumbest mistakes during my first run as a freelance writer… I didn’t build a reputation by publishing outside of my own website. When my two websites were (ehem… “hacked”), my entire repertoire of online articles went the way of the Titanic. I know. I was dumb not to backup my work.

Podcast 6: Boundaries in Business

What are boundaries for business owners? Simply put, boundaries tell you, and other people, what your limits are. In other words, how far will you go to accommodate a client (or employee), and where do you draw the line? If your answer is some cliche like “I’ll do whatever it takes” …then you have no business boundaries. This is a liability in your business and your life. 

Podcast 7: Asking With Gratitude

Do you know why gratitude is important for success? It’s about more than just making you feel good. It’s also about more than just positive thinking. Gratitude is how you ask for good things to come into your life. This is completely different than literally asking for things (either in prayer or in asking others). Asking without gratitude is like steering your car while it’s still in park. 

Podcast 8: Thinking vs Awareness

Positive thinking vs fearless awareness. My one-on-one coaching expertise taught me that changing your life is about more than just “changing your thinking.” Your thoughts are the product of your awareness. Trying to change them without changing your awareness is like trying to change the direction of a river. Change your awareness, and you’ll change everything.

Podcast 9: Finding Your Focus

Are you wondering how to stay focused as an entrepreneur? It’s not about self-discipline. If you don’t have that already, you should find a job. The real question is, what is your “One Thing?” What could you become so good at, and/or so well known for, that people on the other side would bring up your name (or your brand) if they were talking about it?

Podcast 12: Faith and Wisdom

What’s the link between entrepreneurship and the Christian Faith? It starts with debunking the #1 misconception about faith as defined by Jesus in the New Testament. The misconception is that “religious” faith is “blind;” that it’s something you have in spite of there being no evidence. This isn’t consistent with anything I’ve ever heard any Christian profess to believe.

Podcast 14: Emerson’s Oversoul

This is my Analysis of a selection from “The Oversoul” by Ralph Waldo Emerson. This passage is featured in the final chapter of another one of my favorite personal growth books, The Science of Being Great, by Wallace Wattles. You’ll also find this concept in the works on the Hermetic Philosophy, The Hindu Upanishads, The Dhammapada, and many other wisdom writings.

Podcast 15: The Principle of Rhythm

What is the Principle of Rhythm and why is it important for entrepreneurs? First, there’s a rhythm to attracting clients to making money. Dan S Kennedy talks about this in his book The No-BS Guide to Wealth Attraction in the New Economy. If you’ve been an entrepreneur or if you’ve worked in sales for more than a few months, you know what I’m talking about.

Podcast 27: Humility and Gratitude

For entrepreneurs, humility and gratitude go hand in hand. This is because gratitude is a tangible strategy for creating sustainable business or sales success. I know this sounds a little “woo-woo.” I used to think it was. But I’ve discovered a surprising link between Gratitude and Ambition that every entrepreneur should know about. Like most entrepreneurs, I’m…

Podcast 29: A.I. and Copywriting

Will artificial intelligence replace writers? People started asking this back in 2015. I saw the discussions on forums, on social media, and in blog posts. The debate is still happening. In my opinion, those who assume that A.I. will ultimately replace writers are morons who don’t understand writing or human nature. They’ll be replaced first. But some writers never will.

Podcast 30: Fleeting Depression

Working at home, by yourself, can create frequent fluctuations between depression and motivation. Sometimes, you’re a whirlwind of activity and motivation. Other times, you just don’t have the energy to do anything but sit there and stare at your to-do list. How can you cut out these “slumps” and be motivated and productive all the time?

Podcast 33: 7 Days Raw Vegan

Over the past seven days, I experimented with a raw, 7 day vegan diet. This is not something new to me. Just the raw part. Below is a picture of me after one year of eating non-raw vegan. I was 38 years old and still in better shape than I’d been at 19 when I was an althlete, martial artist, and a meat-eater. This time, I decided to try it raw for seven days and see the…

Podcast 34: Income Plateaus

Some entrepreneurs blow right past income plateaus on the first try. Others struggle for years, or a lifetime, to break past key barriers in their income. This barrier often depends on how much you’ve made in a year. For example, if you’ve never made more than $30k a year working for someone else, the $30k market might be your income barrier. 

Podcast 35: Dreamers vs Achievers

Entrepreneurs vs dreamers…what’s the difference? Some would say that dreamers dream, while entrepreneurs act. But, there’s more to it than that. In my experience, the most important difference between the two is that dreamers have unreasonable expectations about how hard it is to get a business off of the ground. They’re mostly interested in the good parts of being…

Podcast 47: Your Online Reputation

How important is your online reputation when you’re not a big brand or a local business? I’ve often told people that your online reputation is practically written in stone. Once someone says something about you on the internet, it’s there. And in almost all cases, it’s not going anywhere. Whether it’s true or not doesn’t matter. The downside of the “everyone gets a seat at the table”

Podcast 52: Tragedy and Meaning

We rarely think about finding meaning in tragedy. Until tragedy hits. This week, it did. A very close family member of ours died of a heart attack at 35. It was totally unexpected news. So, in today’s podcast I’m talking about how we find meaning in tragedy. My personal experience has shown me that death is not the end. But, for those who survive us, it often is. At least for a while.

Podcast 53: One Year Later

One year ago, I was restarting from nothing. Since then, I’ve documented my journey back to entrepreneurial success in this podcast. At the time of my first podcast, I was making zero dollars a month. Today, I’m making about $5,000+ a month on average. Of course, this month is only partially over, so I’m working on this month’s goal. But, this ought to show people what’s…

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