Why Use Ghostwriting Services?

Let’s Turn Your Stream of Consciousness Manuscript into a Powerful, Polished Book Your Reader’s Will Love!

Self-Help Authors use my ghostwriting services for one reason. They want a book they’ll feel confident marketing to readers. My clients also know that it takes a seasoned professional to make that possible. When you write a book, you want your readers to…

  1. Understand you.
  2. Feel like you understand them.
  3. Respect your expertise.
Book Ghostwriting Services

I’ll help you do all three. Read my ghostwriter reviews or my ghostwriting portfolio and you’ll see what I mean. Since 2009, I’ve helped dozens of authors write books they feel proud about marketing.

I’ve ghostwritten more than 100 books, and edited even more. I have a keen ability to get inside an author’s head. A reader’s too.

Why is that important? Because the goal of writing is to get your idea into your reader’s mind. That’s harder than it sounds.

You see, writing is organized thinking. And a professional ghostwriter helps you organize and communicate your thoughts so that your readers understand you JUST as you intended them to.

Let’s face it. Our ideas almost always sound better in our heads than they do on paper. This is why so many great ideas fail to impact people the way we expect them to.

It’s so hard to put your ideas into words. The mind is a pretty disorganized place. Unpredictable too. You need someone who can capture your idea, and make it clear, simple, and interesting. Again, my professional ghostwriting services can help you do this.

My first job is to understand you. To understand your idea, your writing philosophy, and your unique voice. My 10,000+ hours of one-on-one coaching and counseling experience help me do this.

Once I’ve got a firm grasp on your idea, my next job is to understand your reader. After all, if you want your idea, or your story, to get into your reader’s mind, and to STICK, you’d better know what’s already in their mind. Again, I can help you do this.

Read My Ghostwriting Service Testimonials

If you read my client testimonials closely, you’ll three things about me…

  1. Keeping my word is very important to me.
  2. I’m a ghostwriter, but I’m also a writing coach. 
  3. I’m an expert in branding and “finding your voice.”

Most importantly, I LOVE what I do. Few writers can say that. I know. I coach writers too. I’ve talked to hundreds of them during my career. One of the first questions I ask new writers is…

“Why do you want to be a writer?”

Ghostwriting Services

Only about one in ten say “because I’ve always wanted to write for a living.” Rather, most of them seem attracted to the writing lifestyle.

You know, not having a boss. Working from wherever you want. Working at home, in their pajamas, instead of wrestling with rush hour traffic every morning. I like those things too.

But “writers” who do this for those reasons alone, don’t last long. If you’ve hired a professional ghostwriter, you know what I mean. They do great for the first few months. Then, they fall off the radar and you never hear from them again. Sometimes, they disappear right in the middle of your project. I know. I hear these stories all the time.

But, if you’re looking for a seasoned professional who values excellence, you’re in the right place. I have deep respect for language, and for how people use it to communicate their ideas.

I frequently read books and scientific journals on linguistics, psychology, philosophy, rhetoric, and formal axiology. This is my long-term profession and I plan on doing it, and getting better at it, as long as I’m physically capable.

How Much Are Ghostwriting Services?

The short answer….whatever they’re worth.

Let me explain.

When you buy a car, you have two options. First, you can buy something for a few thousand dollars. If you’re diligent and lucky, you might get a good deal. But you also get ripped off. And the car salesperson isn’t always at fault. Neither are you. Cars are complicated and can have all kinds of unforeseen problems. And you’re taking a risk buying one cheap.

Book Ghostwriting Services

So, your second option is to invest $10,000 to $20,000 into a safe, reliable, comfortable car. Sure, you could still get a bad deal. But you’re much, much more likely to get a good one at that price range.

It’s the same way with professional ghostwriting services. You can hire a writer for only a few thousand bucks. But believe me, you won’t be happy with the outcome.

This is why I tell my customers, upfront, that my quotes range from $5,000 to $10,000 for ghostwriting projects, and $2,500 to $5,000 for editing projects. If that’s out of your price range, I’d advise you save your money until you can hire a professional ghostwriter. Even if it’s not me.

While we’re talking price, I don’t take projects on a royalty basis. This is because I also write and sell my own books. If I’m going to get paid only on book sales, I’d rather write my own than take a risk on someone else’s. I’m sure you understand.

So, if you’re still reading, I’m guessing we agree that hiring a professional ghostwriter is more about value than price. That’s a good start.

How We’ll Work Together

If you’re using my ghostwriting services to create a book from scratch, we’ll follow the Book Ghostwriting Process below. If you already have a manuscript, we’ll follow the Book Editing Process below.

Book Ghostwriting Service Process 

  • Book Ghostwriting Step #1: Conception

We brainstorm the central focus of your book (this is different than your topic), your target reading audience, and the “hook” for making your book interesting, unique, and memorable. 

  • Book Ghostwriting Step #2: Outline

We sketch an outline for the overall structure of your book, including the pretext (foreword, introduction, etc.), chapters, and primary points for each chapter. 

  • Book Ghostwriting Step #3: Brainstorming

We collect the raw information for each chapter using various methods including research, interviews with you or other contributors, and/or content you’ve already created (blogs, articles, speeches, etc).

  • Book Ghostwriting Step #4: Writing

We write the first draft of your book one chapter at a time. In most cases, I write an entire chapter and send it to you for review. We’ll communicate about each chapter via email (or phone when needed) and proceed with this process until the first draft of the manuscript is done. 

  • Book Ghostwriting Step #5: Editing

We go through the entire book manuscript, one chapter at a time, and fix anything that sounds confusing, overexplained, boring, awkward, or inconsistent with your brand/voice. 

  • Book Ghostwriting Step #6: Cleanup

I go through the manuscript a final time to tie up loose ends and process any final suggestions from you. 

Book Editing Process

  • Book Editing Step #1: Reading

I read your entire manuscript from start to finish. Once done, we have a phone conversation about what I think your book needs most and how we’ll process the edits.  Some clients decide to go back through the book again based on this verbal feedback before moving to the next step.

  • Book Editing Step #3: Editing I

I go through the manuscript one chapter at a time and make my first round of edits and suggestions inside the document. Ideally, we’ll use Google docs for this process. After I’ve finished each chapter, you review it and respond to my edits and suggestions with your own.

  • Book Editing Step #4: Editing II

I go through the manuscript again, one chapter at a time, and make my second round of edits based on your feedback to me during Step #3.

  • Book Editing Step #5: Cleanup

I go through your manuscript a final time to tie up loose ends and process any final suggestions from you. 

Here’s Our Next Step…

Our next step is to have a quick phone meeting. Just fill in the “ghostwriter for hire” form on my contact page, and check the “Book Ghostwriting Services” or “Book Ghostwriting Services.”

Book Ghostwriting Services

I’ll respond within one or two business days. If you have a manuscript or synopsis, it would help to see that before we talk.

Once you fill out the form, I’ll respond via email so you can send an attachment there. If you’re nervous about sharing your manuscript, or idea, I’m okay with signing an NDA.

So fill in the form on my contact page to take the next step. By the time we’ve had a 15-minute conversation, we’ll both know whether it’s worth moving forward. Thanks for your interest in my professional ghostwriting services. Let’s talk soon.


Ghostwriting Services Seth Czerepak