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  • MAKE MONEY BY CREATING Your Own Online Business from Scratch.
  • MAKE YOUR EXISTING BUSINESS More Profitable & Automated.
  • EXPAND YOUR EXPERTISE as a Freelance Copywriter or Marketing Consultant.
  • INCREASE YOUR INCOME While Decreasing Your Hours Worked & Focusing on the Kind of Work You're Most Passionate About.

If you're looking for fast, easy, "lottery ticket" business shortcuts that will pour money into your lap like a broken slot machine, this website isn't for you. If you still believe in "point-and-click" money making systems, Santa Claus, the Law of Attraction or honest politicians, you're in the wrong place.

But if you want to either...

  • Make Money By Creating Your Own Online Business from Scratch
  • Make Your Existing Business More Profitable & Automated
  • Expand Your Expertise as a Freelance Copywriter or Marketing Consultant

...I believe you've just met your new best friend.

As of Jan 2014, I've been a coach & adviser to a total of 1,382 small business owners, solo entrepreneurs & self-made millionaires. I've been endorsed by everyone from brand new entrepreneurs, marketing strategists, copywriters, New York Times Bestselling Authors and even the world's leading authority on direct response marketing.

I know what it takes to grow a sustainable business which rewards you with multiple streams of income. I know what it takes to achieve a lifestyle of entrepreneurial independence.

If you believe that sustainable independence is achieved by the systematic application of sound fundamentals, and not by pie-in-the sky pipe dreams or fluffed up theories, you're in the right place.

Here's why...

Why Do Most Entrepreneurs Never Become Independent?

Because they're lazy. I know, most business coaches make it out to be more complicated. They dream up convoluted theories about self-limiting beliefs, poverty mindsets, self-talk, the subconscious and magical forces that miraculously manifest something just because you thought about it.

But take away that semantic tap-dancing, and the most common cause of failure is just plain old garden-variety laziness. Most entrepreneurs never succeed at being extraordinary because they're too damn busy "succeeding" at being mediocre. They're too busy chasing trends or scrambling after "what's working now" shortcuts which were made up yesterday, are being talked about by everybody and his cousin today and which will most likely be gone tomorrow.

Me, I'm a systems guy. I believe sustainable success can only be achieved by the intentional application of sound fundamentals. For nearly 20 years now, I've yet to see anyone prove otherwise. So you like the sound of this and you're ready to create your OWN brand of entrepreneurial freedom, I've got a FREE gift waiting for you at the bottom of this page.

It's a Point-By-Point, NO B.S. Checklist for your current marketing system.

By the time you're done with this checklist, you'll have a clear picture of the "holes" in your business and how to patch them up. You'll also have a rock solid jump start plan for building your own "Set & Forget" selling system, so that you can focus ALL your attention on building an extraordinary business and enviable lifestyle.

Most important, if you're not 100% satisfied that this FREE tool has lived up to the promises I just made, I'll buy your next marketing book on Amazon. Just click the "FREE Marketing Checklist" button RIGHT NOW to get started.



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Dan Kennedy Review - The Value Mechanics Selling System"Seth Czerepak has accomplished a Herculean purpose with The Value Mechanics Selling System. He has taken some of the most sophisticated aspects of writing to influence, motivate, persuade and sell and made them accessible and pragmatically useful, nearly to the point of fill in the blank systemization."

- Dan S. Kennedy

Steve Olsher Review of Seth Czerepak's Value Mechanics Selling System “Seth delivers the perfect balance of insight and strategy, laying out page after page of tactical tools for even the busiest entrepreneur to quickly apply and master.”  

-Steve Olsher, New York Times Bestselling Author

Value Mechanics Selling System Reviews

“Seth's teaching on "axiology" (or the science of creating value in your target markets mind) is priceless. The science of the metrics of marketing, and how to get your business running like a profit machine are awesome.”  

-Patrick Freeman, Financial Advisor

Jordan Basson Review Seth Czerepak's Value Mechanics Selling System

“I'm a systems guy, so having a book which systematizes the marketing machine is priceless to me. Make no mistake, marketing is a complex beast, but Seth lays out an arsenal of tools to help you chisel down your prospects based on buying stage and personality type.”  

-Jordan Basson, ABC Shark Tank Semi-Finalist

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