The 24 Hour Marketing Miracle Seth Czerepak & Dan S. Kennedy

The 24 Hour Marketing Miracle

Why do people like Martha Stewart, Dr. Phil, Suze Orman and Dan Kennedy EARN MILLIONS OF DOLLARS from their expertise while other home decorators, psychologists, financial planners and copywriters struggle just to pay their bills?

What makes people pay $10,000.00 for a $20 bottle of wine, $500 for a $40 T-Shirt or $120 for a dinner that costs only $30 to produce?

Why do some products sell at 500% to 10,000% markup — EVEN DURING A RECESSION?

Most important, how did the founders of MC Donald’s, Walmart, Wrigley’s Gum, Gillette, Disney and BUILD MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR EMPIRES, while 99.99% of business owners struggle just to make a living?

These mind-boggling marketing miracles are no different than any other “miracles” you’ve seen in the natural world. Beneath the surface, they’re the result of a systematic selling formula which is being executed again and again and again, RIGHT BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES.

Hell, the gambling industry even uses this formula to create billions of dollars in income, WITH STUNNING ACCURACY, — even during recessions.


In the next 24 hours, you’ll have the answer, as The 24 Hour Marketing Miracle introduces you to the revolutionary selling science of “Value Mechanics,” which has been endorsed by leading sales and marketing authorities like Dan S. Kennedy & Zig Ziglar.

The 24 Hour Marketing Miracle, GIVES YOU, in plain language, and with DOZENS OF CLEAR EXAMPLES, the SCIENCE BASED FORMULA behind EVERY marketing and selling feat you’ve ever seen or read about.

You’ll also discover why NO OTHER MARKETING BOOK reveals this complete formula and why even the most successful entrepreneurs can’t describe it to you in clear and practical language and give you a step by step plan for using it to PUT MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET.

Once see the rock solid science behind “The Value Mechanics Selling System” with your own eyes, you’ll recognize it at work everywhere. You’ll be able to decode and repurpose any successful advertising or selling strategy you see online or offline.

By this time next year, you’ll be CREATING YOUR VERY OWN MARKETING MIRACLES.

If you’re not convinced of this after using the formula in this book, Seth Czerepak will mail you a check for $50.

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