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Podcast 13: Principles vs Methods

Principles vs Methods. What’s the difference, and why does it matter when it comes to bottom-line business results? In my experience, the difference is vast, highly impactful, and scarcely understood by most aspiring entrepreneurs. Principles link effects to causes through the working of natural laws. Methods are simply the means of aligning our actions with these principles.

Podcast 18: Plans vs Procrastination

Do you know how to escape mediocrity as an entrepreneur? It starts with knowing when to stop planning and when to start taking action, risking failure, and being willing to learn from your mistakes. I started out making zero dollars a month and grew to a full-time income. I know from experience that there’s one secret to escaping mediocrity, and to breaking income plateaus.

Podcast 27: Humility and Gratitude

For entrepreneurs, humility and gratitude go hand in hand. This is because gratitude is a tangible strategy for creating sustainable business or sales success. I know this sounds a little “woo-woo.” I used to think it was. But I’ve discovered a surprising link between Gratitude and Ambition that every entrepreneur should know about. Like most entrepreneurs, I’m…

Podcast 37: On Dumping Drama

Drama in business…do entrepreneurs have the freedom to overcome it? It depends on two things. First, you need a way to overcome “people drama.” Second, you need a way to overcome what I call “operational drama.” People drama comes from bad customers, business partners or employees. Operational drama comes from the procedures and/or technologies used to…

Podcast 38: False Prophets

Some people are really vulnerable to entrepreneurship scams. They’ve tried dozens of new business ideas, but they’ve spent more money than they’ve made. I’ve met people who have spent five and six-figure sums on entrepreneurial ventures, training courses, seminars and business opportunities, and made nearly nothing as a result. Why are some people so…

Podcast 42: Above the Snakeline

Working above the snakeline is the secret to achieving the infamous “4-Hour Workweek.” From my 10,000+ hours of one-on-one coaching with thousands of entrepreneurs, working with everyone from the broke, to the wealthy, I’ve learned that the standard Monday to Friday, 40 plus hour workweek is just a fossil of the industrial age model. Working “above the snakeline”…

Podcast 43: Learning from Chaos

Knowing how to deal with chaos at work is just as important as knowing how to deal with failure, or success. Chaos seems sudden. But, it’s almost always the result of dozens (or hundreds) of small choices you’ve made (or neglected to make) over a period of time. Most of us never consciously consider choices until the consequences of those choices show up. Many times…

Podcast 45: Principle of Gender

What is the Principle of Gender in Business? It’s the combination of the Masculine Principle of Order, and the Feminine Principle of Motion. Order without motion leads to procrastination, while motion without order leads to chaos. But, when applied in balance and in sync with the Principle of Rhythm, the Principles of Order and Motion will make you unstoppable as an…

Podcast 46: The Myth of Security

Most aspiring Entrepreneurs never make “the leap” into the world of entrepreneurship because of their misconceptions of uncertainty in entrepreneurship. They assume that having a job is more financially secure and that they’re “giving up” this security by venturing out on their own. But this is a myth. Here’s why working for an employer actually carries more risk…

Podcast 47: Your Online Reputation

How important is your online reputation when you’re not a big brand or a local business? I’ve often told people that your online reputation is practically written in stone. Once someone says something about you on the internet, it’s there. And in almost all cases, it’s not going anywhere. Whether it’s true or not doesn’t matter. The downside of the “everyone gets a seat at the table”

Podcast 48: Reverse Procrastination

By my definition, reverse procrastination is when you’re in so much of a hurry to get things done “ahead of time,” you rush through them, burn yourself out, and/or work past the point of diminishing return. All of these behaviors are destructive to your productivity. Sure, they might seem to “work” in the short run. But over time, they wear down what Stephen R Covey calls…

Podcast 50: Toxic Relationships

Nothing will crash your entrepreneurial dreams faster than toxic relationships in business. The same is true in your personal life. If you’re an ambitious person with big dreams, you’re one in a million. The odds are slim of you finding a business partner who is nearly as hardworking, creative, and persistent as you are. The odds are even slimmer that you’ll find a romantic…

Podcast 52: Tragedy and Meaning

We rarely think about finding meaning in tragedy. Until tragedy hits. This week, it did. A very close family member of ours died of a heart attack at 35. It was totally unexpected news. So, in today’s podcast I’m talking about how we find meaning in tragedy. My personal experience has shown me that death is not the end. But, for those who survive us, it often is. At least for a while.

Podcast 53: One Year Later

One year ago, I was restarting from nothing. Since then, I’ve documented my journey back to entrepreneurial success in this podcast. At the time of my first podcast, I was making zero dollars a month. Today, I’m making about $5,000+ a month on average. Of course, this month is only partially over, so I’m working on this month’s goal. But, this ought to show people what’s…

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