Copywriting Kitchens - Seth Czerepak

Copywriting Templates

Funnel Types

  • WEBINAR: Stage #1
  • QUIZ: Stage #2 (VSL)
  • VSL: Stage #2 & #3 Saturated
  • LOW-TICKET: Stage #3
  • FREE TRIAL: Stage #3
  • RETARGETING: Stage #4
  • VSL BOOKING: DFY, Personal
  • CONTEST: ECommerce

Axiology Dimensions

  • Who: Demographic Relevance
  • Why: Psychographic Relevance
  • What: Offer Stack
  • How: Positioning (USP)
  • When: Timeline Relevance
  • Which: Buying Stage

Relevance Dimensions

Branding Templates


EXAMPLE: I Turn Your Ideas into Money


EXAMPLE: The World’s Most Experienced Authority on Buyer’s Journey Copywriting


EXAMPLE: The world’s most trusted copywriting expert for thought leaders who want to turn their ideas into money so they can deepen their influence in the world and create a legacy for those they love.

10 Seconds: I help [AVATARS] ( who/with [PROBLEM] )[RESULT] by [METHOD] so they can (stop [STRUGGLE] and) [LARGER BENEFIT](, without [CATCH]).

EXAMPLE: I help business coaches who are stuck at $200k to $500k a year to scale to $100k+ a month by [METHOD] so they can (stop [STRUGGLE] and) [LARGER BENEFIT](, without [CATCH]).

30 SECONDS (Example):

Most marketing consultants and even the big ad agencies focus on visibility. They burn up thousands of dollars to get your message in front of prospect who will STILL compare you to the dozens of competitors in your category. Value Mechanics solves this problem by creating a marketing strategy that’s designed to change your prospect’s perception of your product or service. This way, they no longer assume they can get the ‘same thing’ from another company. They perceive your brand as a unique and superior authority. The quickest and most effective way to do this is to change their perspective; to change what they believe they’re looking at.”

“Tell me more!” (Example):

The quickest and most effective way to change someone’s perspective is to change what they believe they’re looking at. For example, if I show you this quarter from one side, you see a man’s face. But from the other side, you see a building. That’s a brand new perception simply by changing the angle you see it from. You can do the same thing with your product or service. For example, the Foreman Grill started out as a Taco Maker and it flopped. But as soon as they repositioned it as a tool for cooking healthy foods, it took on a whole new value. Same product, different perspective, different perception. What would happen if we changed way your prospect’s see your brand?”

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