Law of Attraction Interview

In my fifth year as a Business Coach, I had the privilege of working with a Real Self-Made Entrepreneur who had literally gone from broke to being worth over $100 Million. This is a transcript of my final interview with him. It’s also the first PUBLIC thread of my now 15 year investigation into the Law of Attraction. My investigation started in 2002, before I’d ever heard it called the “Law of Attraction.” The goal of my investigation (which is ongoing) is to answer two questions…

  1. Is the Law of Attraction Real?
  2. If So, How Does it Really Work?

In my opinion, everyone has to answer the first question for themselves. My role is to publish the findings of my investigation AND share what I believe to be the facts about HOW the Law of Attraction works.

In my opinion, this interview is one of the CLEAREST and most powerful examples of someone who used The Law of Attraction with success. I’d like to emphasize that this client never sold a “How to” product on the Law of Attraction and rarely even brought it up in conversations. He didn’t even want me to publish this interview until he passed away.

In my opinion, this makes his responses to my questions more objective than anything being pushed by people who sell “How to” products on The Law of Attraction. I have TONS of written notes from my other conversations with him and with clients like him. I’ll be publishing my summary of these notes as I get the time.

NOTE: By his request, I’ve referred to him as “ASMM,” meaning “Anonymous Self-Made Billionaire.”



Seth Czerepak: Tell me about what was the first moment you decided that you were going to become an entrepreneur, when you first discovered that you had the entrepreneurial spirit in your blood?

ASMM: Well truly, I knew this from a very early age of I would say around 14 or 15 years old I was really certain that I was going to be an entrepreneurial sort.

Seth Czerepak: Was there any specific moment or just some kind of discovery that you had?

ASMM: Yes, there was. It’s funny, I was working at my uncle’s garage where he worked. It was a [COMPANY NAME HIDDEN] at the time. And he and others would talk about opening their own business, including my father, who did not work there. He worked at another company. And one day one of the big shots from the company way up the ladder came in on the discussion, and I was able to listen to the discussion. And what happened is the company said that [INAUDIBLE 01:17], that would have been a long time ago. And they said that for $10,000 you can actually become a dealer for [COMPANY NAME HIDDEN] and own this store and they’d finance everything. So you would actually be full entrepreneurial of this particular unit, then buy all of your parts through the company. You would be a dealer for the company. So it would be a dealer store that you owned individually. And that would be a national brand company. It was beyond a national brand company– they operated in many [INAUDIBLE 01:59]. And I realized that moment that I could do that, that I could save $10,000 someday, and that I could do that. And I clearly understood a lot about the business and I was very, very young. I was working there and I was probably about 14 years old. But my dad was in the tire and rubber business and mechanical business with [COMPANY NAME HIDDEN]. So I’d been around it my whole life. Then I saw a path of how to actually start my own business at that point, and I never got it out of my mind again.

Seth Czerepak: Awesome.

ASMM: And that was what I was planning to do. And I’ll tell you how things fester in a man’s life. I held onto that idea until the point in time. And the strangest thing, that when I started my company, which was not that particular company by the way, but when I started my company, I had exactly $10,000.

Seth Czerepak: Wow.

ASMM: It was the strangest thing in the world. And I had went to the army, and I was in college. I was working part time at [COMPANY NAME HIDDEN]. And whenever a business opportunity came my way which I liked better than the model of the retail company at that time, I had exactly $10,000 and I was able to start it. That was in 1975.

Seth Czerepak: That’s amazing. I’m sure you’ve noticed this, when you have an exact amount or an exact goal in mind, even if you don’t think about it a lot, it’s strange how it just happens like that. What do you think is the process that causes that to happen?

ASMM: That is totally one of God’s natural laws. It’s called his law of manifestation. If you truly believe in something, and you’ve set your mind to it, and you think about it and you think about it and you think about it, then what happens is you hold it very dearly to you and you give vitality to those thoughts. See thoughts create all conditions in your life. Whatever the conditions are in your life today, they were created by the thoughts that you’ve hosted there. They were the dominant thoughts of your life. And entrepreneurism was a dominant thought process for me all through my teenage years. So when I started this company, the manifestation of all of those thoughts and ideas came about by the fact that I wanted to be an entrepreneur and that was that. And I just didn’t know for sure what vehicle it would be, but my first vehicle for entrepreneurship was building and development.

Seth Czerepak: And there was that expectation of the $10,000. See that’s an interesting thing because you hear a lot of talk about that, about having the specific amount in mind. Number one, there’s the thought process, but what type of actions have to lead up to it. What role did action play? And the second question would be if a person does have a specific amount in mind, can they expect there to be a certain incubation period for that idea to actually manifest itself? Is it years, is it months, is it weeks?

ASMM: Actually you don’t know. It depends on a lot of circumstances that are sometimes said to be a little out of our control. It depends on where we are in a relative sense at that point in our life, how prepared you are for whatever it is that you’re trying to enter. Because one thing that I do believe about the manifestation is you don’t get the chance to enter that until you’re prepared for it. And that’s why it takes time. To try to change various things today, Seth, would take time. It would take a lot of time. Let’s just say you’re 35 years old, I think you’re pretty close to that, a little bit younger, and you’ve been thinking in a certain way for the last 10 years. You can’t expect that to change in 20 minutes or maybe even 20 days. You’d have to hold the specific thoughts in your mind there for a long period of time, and they would have to be able to become your dominant thoughts. For them to become your dominant thoughts, they have to move beyond just your conscious mind. They have to be into your subconscious mind. So you will actually think those thoughts in your sleep. And whenever you think those thoughts in your sleep and all other times, you have been transformed. The thoughts that used to be your dominant thoughts for instance can be replaced with better thoughts and better ideas. Unfortunately, there’s a double edge sword to that law of manifestation. They can also be changed, good thoughts can be changed for bad thoughts [INAUDIBLE 06:39] to your life. That’s where you can see where criminals and others can actually be very good at what they do. They become very confident of it. So it is up to us to do the good things and choose truth over lie and good over evil. So this is a very important aspect of life because you can’t build anything worthwhile, it will never be good and it won’t be worth anything very long unless it’s built on truth principles.

Seth Czerepak: That’s a good one because you don’t hear a lot about that. It’s all about finding out what’s working now, what trends are popular. I have two questions, I have a lot of questions actually.

ASMM: One thing about that if I may interject quickly, there is one principle for sure that is timeless. And if you build anything on a sand foundation or a less than superior foundation, it will not hold up. It will crumble. That’s what happens whenever you’re led into deceptions and lies. It will not hold up. But if you’ll build your character and your business on sound principles, they’re totally timeless and they are the only thing that are classical and will hold up forever and be viewed to be of high, high, high worth and high esteem. This is how you add great value to yourself, to your character, to your human capital, to your business, by making your word good always, and building everything up on a solid foundation. This is a critical part of success and longevity.

Seth Czerepak: Awesome. I’ve got two questions. First of all, I think a lot of people listening are going to want to quantify it in terms of numbers. If you started out with $10,000 in your first business, where did that lead you financially, if you don’t mind sharing that, within the next couple of years?

ASMM: Well, I am 60 years old now and when I started out in my business I was about 23 years old. And I went through a few different businesses. My first was building, which then graduated into the natural product to extend off of is land development where I would buy from myself. I’d buy the lots from myself in essence instead of buying them from the people, and would use those lots. And it also moved into real estate where we actually have our own sales teams as well in our model homes centers and so on. And that was a successful business. I don’t say this to do anything other than encourage. I do want to only encourage in this regard. What happened when I was 39 years old, I had decided that I had reached the goals I had set for myself at that point. And I left the building industry. My best friends, my family, one of my best friend’s best mentors ever is my lawyer, one of the best human beings I ever knew in my life who taught me a lot about the good things and the good principles. And I left that business. But before I left that business, I had accomplished the goals I had set. I had 75 townhomes that I had built and they were about 80% paid for at that point. So that created a good cash flow. Plus I had gone and finished up all of my graduate school work, and I was prepared for an investment business. And I was already doing quite well investing on the side, stock market investing. So I was completely financially free. I was completely debt free on everything, my home, everything else, and a good cash flow. And I was free to do what I wanted. So whenever I created that freedom from it all, in a very short time I had discovered what would end up being my next business which I did not know that it would be for a while. I was trying to figure out how to get into internet which might become something. I started figuring that out in the earlier nineties. So I figured a way to invest in the infrastructure part of the internet, and that is called central office switching telecom, the telecom system’s central office switching. I started investing in that until I learned enough about it. And when my son graduated from high school, when he was 18 years old, we started [COMPANY NAME HIDDEN]. Now I didn’t answer your question specifically, but [COMPANY NAME HIDDEN] has become a big company. Big is a relative word. Two other companies have spun off [INAUDIBLE 11:46] to support [COMPANY NAME HIDDEN]. We definitely have accomplished some pretty strong financial results. We have a lot of people that work with us in different parts of the United States. And we do some travel throughout the world. We have clients in Japan and China and Australia, Canada, Mexico, South America, in the Caribbean. But basically we have clients all across the United States of America. And a really good thing to say about this, about two years ago we were chosen by [PARTNER NAME HIDDEN] as one of only about 12, it’s either 10 or 12 and I have to check this out, people in the secondary market that have a direct relationship with [PARTNER NAME HIDDEN], and we have that at [COMPANY NAME HIDDEN] now. That’s been about two years, and that’s really been a giant leap for our company. And we have another company that spun off of [COMPANY NAME HIDDEN] that has a relationship of that nature with Verizon. And then we have another company it’s called Test Lamp, that tests central switching equipment and we have clients like your [BUSINESS NAME HIDDEN] and your [BUSINESS NAME HIDDEN] and [BUSINESS NAME HIDDEN] and what used to be [PARTNER NAME HIDDEN], [PARTNER NAME HIDDEN] and all of that. We have lots and lots of great clients. So it’s three large companies, not large companies but very healthy companies, very strong. If you want to ask any more specific questions beyond that, that’s a great amount of success right there. And a beautiful part of that is my family works in there. My son continued to work there on through his MBA here at [UNIVERSITY NAME HIDDEN], my daughter did the same thing, MBA, and then my son-in-law comes in, and my wife works there sometimes because she wants to stay a little bit [INAUDIBLE 13:44]. She doesn’t come in much. Then I, if you will, kind of head the company. But I head it in a team way. We have five people in our inner circle and we have people that work for us in various places, in many, many different parts of the United States.

Seth Czerepak: So let’s talk about going from a $10,000 investment in your early twenties to being completely debt free, owning your home, having the freedom to build this empire that can support your family, give them a place to work, give them opportunities, and working with Fortune 500 companies.

ASMM: Right, and it’s really even a lot more than just the things you mentioned. Our asset base has been said by the private bank, Wells Fargo, to be right around $100 million.

Seth Czerepak: So we’re talking about $10,000 to $100 million if you just want to quantify it, over a period of thirty-something years.

ASMM: Yes, and we’re in our infancy of what we feel we can do. We just had Wells Fargo come in recently to our companies to do inventory and accounts receivable which we’ve been doing completely cash. And I decided that I might want to [INAUDIBLE 15:06]. They’re all debt free companies, by the way, 100%. And then we’ll let them cover their own inventory, all three companies, and their own cash flows. And they could not say enough great things about the companies.

Seth Czerepak: Well that’s phenomenal. I think for anybody listening, especially to the young entrepreneur thinking in terms of the scale, not just in terms of the financial but the reach that you’ve had, the influence. So it started with a small seed of an idea, just like Napoleon Hill talks about. I guess the question that I think a lot of people are going to have is first of all you talked about sound principles. So if you could list maybe three or four of those, what you think are the most rock solid principles? You’ve mentioned building a house on the sand before. What is the rock principle that you could build a business and build a life on if you wanted to become a financially independent entrepreneur like yourself?

ASMM: Well, the first thing I would say to anybody is they have to realize they must have a concept of delayed gratification, because every time that I see people [INAUDIBLE 16:10] all the way back they would start getting their draws from the bank to build their houses, and the draws would come in maybe five stages to build a house, and do you understand what I mean by the draws?

Seth Czerepak: Right.

ASMM: Like there would be 38% on the foundation, 20% after you start to [INAUDIBLE 16:34], and 20 % when you [INAUDIBLE 16:33], you see what I’m saying. Often they were driving fancy cars and I drove a very cheap, used, old pickup truck that I bought second hand from a pool [INAUDIBLE 16:50]. It was my first vehicle and it had a payment of about $70 a month. And I drove that for several years, and with repairs, very simple 6-cylinder, [INAUDIBLE 17:00] on the column. Delayed gratification is a great, great thing to know because money can really become something but it can’t become much if you spend it. It can’t become hardly anything because you start investing in the symbols of success instead of success itself. So you’ve actually misplaced the money.

Seth Czerepak: That’s good. Yes. That’s good.

ASMM: See people want to be seen in the Cadillac, and I didn’t mind being seen in the old pickup truck.

Seth Czerepak: That’s really good.

ASMM: Sam Walton didn’t care about the symbols of success. Remember he also drove an old pickup truck for the longest time?

Seth Czerepak: Yes, and I like the way you put that about the symbols of success because one of the things I teach people is to think like an investor, not a consumer.

ASMM: The symbols of success, it’s a lot different than it sounds. What causes a man to need the symbols of success and why can’t he wait? There’s a tremendous emptiness inside of himself often. And his strength, he thinks is going to come to him from the symbols. So who’s seeing the symbols? All the people that he wants to see these symbols have success and he’s trying to please these people. Now I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to please myself and myself could only be pleased through the accomplishment of financial freedom. The symbols of success, they’re pretty much ashes by the time you keep them a few years. You need a new car or you look like you’re a loser again with that group that’s judging you. And you’re not a free man if you care too much about what other people think about you overall. You can’t do that. You need to only care, in my view, what God thinks about you. And it’s really nice that your wife would think good of you and your son, your daughter, and they will. If God thinks good of you, they will think good of you. Don’t worry about that. That will absolutely be true. Now if my neighbors and others think good of me, that’s not going to enough for my wife to think good of me because I may be fooling them with the symbols.

Seth Czerepak: Yes, absolutely.

ASMM: You follow me?

Seth Czerepak: Yes, absolutely.

ASMM: And they may like me for the symbols, but the symbols will never fill you and make you whole, and make you really sound and strong. That won’t work, and it’s a wrong allocating of the money. And then you can do nothing but be a slave to all of these things that you’re buying for the symbols that keep wearing out and you have to keep replacing them and you never accomplish financial freedom.

Seth Czerepak: Yes. Absolutely.

ASMM: If you invest a dollar, let’s say a 12% return on it, and that’s not hard to do in independent business, then that dollar would double in $6 years. Then if you do the math and extend that out, and you’re investing hundreds of dollars and then thousands of dollars and then later it would be hundreds of thousands of dollars, this is how your fortunes grow over time. There have been great people that call it the 7th wonder of the world or 6th wonder of the world, I’m not sure how many wonders there are. But I think it was Benjamin Franklin that called that the 6th or 7th wonder of the world if you can remember that.

Seth Czerepak: Yes, awesome.

ASMM: Compounded interest is a phenomenal, phenomenal thing. Get the papers out and figure it out and you will be amazed and you will see the value of investing over a period of 20, 30 and 40 years. The more years that something is doubled, no longer is it $100, but then all at once there’s $100,000 doubling, and then it’s one million dollars doubling, then it’s two million dollars doubling, then it’s four million dollars doubling in six years, and this is what happens with just 12% returns on a six-year bases. That’s just an example. But a lot of companies operate beyond 12% returns.

Seth Czerepak: Awesome. Very good stuff. Very good. So that’s the first thing. What else would you say? You talked about human capital. Tell me a little bit about how that is one of the principles that helps you to magnify. Because lot of people think about building capital are as in just money itself.

ASMM: Money is just a tool and that’s all it can be for you. Just remember that money can ever make a man happy. It just helps him buy some of the things that he wants, and a lot of times people will use the money to buy symbols of success. You’ve got to recognize that anything that is not spiritual in nature can never ever satisfy a man. Now that’s something you haven’t heard many people say or understand. This is why man is drawn to love and to his wife. She’s a spiritual being first and then a woman second. Agreed?

Seth Czerepak: Right.

ASMM: And then a man is a spiritual man first and then a [INAUDIBLE 22:10] second. And then people, people are also spiritual. The point is that this is where you get your great, great satisfaction in life is through this spiritual connection with people because that’s the only thing that I’ve found based on things that I’ve read and really know on a deep level that will really help a man to become completely content and whole, is being able to share that spiritual relationship whether they talk a lot about that aspect or not, but it’s just the actual truth of knowing it’s there, it’s existing. If it’s just anything else, it’s not going to be enough for the man. It never will be enough. And the symbols will absolutely never be enough. They’ll bring you no happiness. It’s just a bunch of lies and deception, that’s what it is.

Seth Czerepak: Very good stuff.

ASMM: It’s not real. But human capital, it’s an interesting thing. Basically it’s unlimited, because anything that would be determined to be an asset for you is part of your human capital. Anything that helps you to build on those assets is the building of the human capital. Anything that takes away from those assets or takes away from the building of your human capital is not a good thing ever. It’s never a good thing because you’re actually again allocating energy and time and resources that are destructive to you. So basically in your life you’re either building human capital or depleting it. There is nowhere in between. Because if you’re in between and you’re doing nothing, you’re stagnant, you’re moving backwards in a dynamic world that’s moving forward. So if you do nothing, you’re [INAUDIBLE 24:11]. You have to build upon human capital. Your character, you’re building upon truth, things such as your work ethic and your faith to us is a huge part of building up your human capital, your intelligence is there, your great intelligence. Most people have plenty adequate intelligence to do things they want to do. They have to get themselves prepared for the things they’re going to do and that’s education. The more educated you become and more qualified you become to do the things that you do, this is again by thinking about these things and holding those thoughts very, very dear to you and close to, and as you do that you’ll become wiser and wiser and wiser and more and more experienced and more and more cable. This ends up being the building of the human capital as opposed to thinking about things that aren’t going to serve you well and be destructive to you. That’s a waste of your time and it’s not taking you and your family anywhere. And you’re not setting a good example for your family and your children to follow by doing that. So it’s a matter of choices and your value system. The value system is again a relative term but it’s very significant that your value system be in complete harmony with God at all times. And you will feel when you’re out of harmony, and you will feel when you’re in harmony. You don’t need anybody to teach you that too much. You will feel it. It’s a natural thing.

Seth Czerepak: I like all of this. You’re talking about building your character as your character being your strongest asset, focusing mostly on growing your character which is really a lot of entrepreneurs these days, the younger ones, are really missing this. This is really good the way you’re putting this, especially when you talk about how you know when you’re in tuned. But if you could specifically tell somebody who has never experienced this before, this idea, concept, is totally new to them, how would you explain to them how you know when you’re in harmony and when you’re not?

ASMM: Let me say it like this. You’ve got to realize that every cell in your body is negatively charged. All thoughts are spiritual in nature. They’re 100% spiritual. All metaphysical people that read this and all science would agree that thoughts are spiritual and they have a positive charge. This is very interesting. You can sit down and meditate just for a minute on wonderful, positive, good things, and you will feel completely differently, if in fact you were feeling down, if you’re not a colic. Every cell in your body, think of your brain and your human capital as being the general of about 50 trillion cells. The cells in the body are anywhere from 20 trillion to 100 trillion, and I read it in different places, but the term 50 trillion meets somewhere in the middle are there.

Seth Czerepak: It’s a lot.

ASMM: That’s a lot of cells. Your thoughts impact every one of those cells, every single one of them. Your thoughts end up being not only conditions that come in your life on the outside. They are conditions that come up on your body on the inside. Now think about that. So if you keep these cells charged in a positive way, you will stay whole and perfect and happy and joyful and strong and powerful. You’ll feel love and happiness and great. Because again, you manifest good health in your body with the type of thinking. You manifest sickness in your body with the thoughts as well.

Seth Czerepak: Right.

ASMM: You get sickness and there’s no question about it. Science will agree with that. So I strongly urge people to be very, very guarded of their thinking and the things they allow in their mind. The conscious mind is said to be the guard at the gate. A lot of people have heard that term. It’s been something that’s been used as far as I know hundreds and hundreds of years, and maybe thousands of year, the guard at the gate. This means that you have enough sense, God’s given you enough sense to know the kind of thoughts you want to allow into your head and he’s given you enough sense to know the kind that you don’t want to allow in your head. So you want to be able to go and seek out the kinds of wisdom and knowledge that will keep your body charged with positive, beautiful, beautiful, strong thoughts that will help you develop great vision and great success and great capabilities as opposed to a person that brings in the negative and just puts his life in a tail spin and he keeps staying in a tail spin and he can’t figure out how to get out of it because he doesn’t know the simplicity to think that thoughts are going to create all the conditions just like I said earlier. It can be the bad thoughts that bring in the bad conditions or they could be the good thoughts that bring in the good conditions. And I urge you strongly to stay aligned with God and in harmony with God so you will bring in those good thoughts inside your body and in your environment as you’ll manifest through those thoughts.

Seth Czerepak: I’ve got two questions about that because it sounds like what you’re saying is that you notice there’s a [INAUDIBLE 29:57] that’s in your body, the feelings that you have, the personal growth that you’ve experienced, those are the seeds that are planted and you have to keep persevering at that even if you don’t see results right away and eventually the outside is going to manifest. But what role does action play in that?

ASMM: What role does action?

Seth Czerepak: Action and your habits, your consistent actions over time.

ASMM: Well, like I said, you have to hold these thoughts dearly. They have to become something that you’re willing to bring into your life and you invest into it by the energy and the focus and the ethic, the work ethic. And I’ll actually use work ethic in the process of describing the need to change habits. Habits are programs in the mind. Every one of us, and this is something I would ask every one of the listeners to consider, if your mind was a computer, and I think, Seth, I asked you this one time. If you could plug your mind in and you had a delete button on the monitor, you were right there watching the monitor and you said OK, I want to delete every program that I find not contributing to me and actually taking away from my human capital. And you started going down through that delete button, I ask a lot of really successful people and smart people what percent of the thoughts in their mind might they delete. And I’ve had people say 80%, I’ve had people say 60% and I’ve had people say probably 95% and 98% because they know all of the trash they’ve gotten from conversations, from movies, from books, from their environment, people they’ve been around and everything else. There’s going to be a lot of things in your mind that contribute nothing to your program of where you’re going to go with your life. Those are the ones we’d like to just get rid of. The way to get rid of these programs to give them no energy, you starve them. You starve them by not thinking about them. I heard it said one time that a man has two dogs inside of him. A good dog and a bad dog. The question is which one’s going to survive, which one’s going to prevail? The one that’s going to prevail over time is the one he feeds the most. These programs, be diligent. Become very diligent with what you want from your life and then you feed the thoughts that will bring these things into your life. You must become diligent. That’s a huge part of it. If you’re really diligent, then you’re going to be able to make good choices. But if you’re not prepared to make these choices, you could end up being vulnerable and make bad choices over and over and over again.

Seth Czerepak: It starts with clarity too. The four laws I teach people, the first law is clarity, knowing at first exactly who you are, what’s important to you, why it’s important to you, what you really want. And then number two is the law of elimination which is what you were talking about with the delete button. But after that comes the law of contribution where you start contributing your energy into the things that are going to empower you to accomplish what you want. And finally you have the law of process and perseverance. It’s keeping that on a consistent basis, just staying present with it until it outside manifests itself.

ASMM: Absolutely, and that’s well said.

Seth Czerepak: What can a person do on a daily basis? If you were to give a person a checklist of things that they could do from morning to night to start cleaning house, start using the delete button and start feeding the right dog so to speak.

ASMM: Right. Have you ever heard that one of the most important things that a man could do is seek the silence? Seek the silence. Jesus did that. He actually seeked the silence quite a bit as you’re well aware. In seeking the silence, you can find the truth. Then you can decide on what’s important for your life. And you can do it through silence and you can do it in other ways through counsel and with friends and people of that sort that you have great trust with. But still yet, all great things come in silence. I think pretty much everything, your inventors, your writers, they seek the silence. Your pastors, they would seek the silence. Seeking the silence and becoming one – it’s everywhere, it’s all around us, it’s in us. We are at peace. Our spirit is from God himself. So a part of the whole is the same as the whole, it’s just a smaller degree of it, agreed?

Seth Czerepak: Right.

ASMM: OK, so your spirit is 100% perfect. So if you seek the silence and you allow your spirit to bring the wisdom from the omnipotent God, all powerful, all present. He’s present. He is right here amongst me and you right now even though we’re not together. We are together in that way. So he’s present and he knows all. So with that, your spirit is very, very, very in tuned to the highest power. And there’s no question that great inventors are able to tap into that, great writers, and they can accomplish great things. That’s what all great inventors that I’ve ever read biographies on myself do that.

Seth Czerepak: Well Edison did it. He had a ritual in the afternoon where he’d take two steel balls, put them in his hand, he’d sit in his favorite chair and he’d hold them over this steel bowl. And as soon as he started falling to sleep, the balls would fall out of his hand and wake him up again.

ASMM: Exactly, I like that. I said Jesus did it and that was enough for me. If it was good enough for Jesus, I think it’s good enough for me [LAUGHTER].

Seth Czerepak: That’s really good stuff. I’ve been working with multi-millionaire entrepreneurs for quite a while. I’ve interviewed quite a few people like yourself and have heard a lot of this. So I think there are a lot of people who are going to hear this. It’s just going to sound so far removed from what they’re used to hearing about success. I think a lot of them would ask is this really how people become extremely wealthy and successful. Are there any people who get there without this?

ASMM: You know interesting enough I want to say this, there’s a wonderful, wonderful lady that came from the private bank at [COMPANY NAME HIDDEN], for example. We pretty much like to start her with [INAUDIBLE 36:49 ] $25 million in investable assets. By anyway, she is a team member and a very, very highly qualified person. She came out with her companies. I was thinking and she was thinking that she was going to come out and talk to us for about an hour. So she met with my son and me because she thought she was going to be there for an hour and he had other appointments. We met at one of our facilities which is a former [COMPANY NAME HIDDEN] of all things and that’s where our [INAUDIBLE 37:34] lab is. And whenever they started shutting the lab down and we were still there, it was 3 1/2 or so hours later. And she was overwhelmed in many ways, the most overwhelmed she was by all the questions she asked was the way we look at how we build the business. It wasn’t anything to do with the financial assets or the inventedness of the company. More of how we came to be what we are is in the aspect of how we understand that the first thing we do. That’s exactly how we built our company. My son, if you talked to him he would talk to you in the same way I talk to you, or my daughter, the exact same way. The first thing we do, we bring someone in and the first thing we understand, our job is to make them successful. We make them successful. You’ve got to realize — and you talk about these laws — the law of success is service, it’s all service. You did something to get something. You’ve heard that your whole life. You plant seeds.

Seth Czerepak: The law of contribution, right?

ASMM: Yes, law of contribution and the law of service is probably the same law. But you plant these seeds and you nurse these seeds. And what’s important is that you plant the kind of seeds that will produce the fruits you really want to eat. You’ve got to realize this is a double edged sword also. You can’t plant the seeds that will produce the kind of fruit you absolutely do not want to eat. So again, being diligent and taking in things that are clearly out of harmony with the truth of God, and God is truth, he’s the essence of truth, and that will never change. It’s timeless. Truth is something that’s totally a moving target, so it’s hard to [INAUDIBLE 39:39]. You’ve got to work to be sure that you find the truth. People forever, if you remember, I just want to make sure that I appeal to the emotional aspect of people and not following their emotions. For the longest time, we thought the world was flat. Then we found out that it was not flat. So you don’t want to be [INAUDIBLE 40:04] the emotional aspect. And eventually we thought the sun revolved around the earth and then we found that that’s not true. Then we found out that we were revolving around the sun. You can ring a bell, example, if you have 16 rings per second, if the bell vibrates to 16 [INAUDIBLE 40:39] per second, you can hear it all the way up to 38 thousand. After 38 thousand, it becomes completely silent. That’s our hearing range. But the truth is, a bell doesn’t make any sound at all, it just vibrates. So this is the emotional situation, and this will blow your mind. The sun doesn’t actually give light. It gives vibration. This is all something you can check. And it starts at 400 trillion vibrations, it’s light waves but they’re vibrations. So you can’t go with emotionalism. You have to go with science. Now science, this is interesting, you don’t hear anybody say this. But science is natural law. It is cause effect. So everything in God’s design on this planet is cause effect. Every time they unravel another cause and effect in the world of science, it’s just a natural law of God’s. It is completely repeatable over and over and over or it isn’t a natural law. Science completely aligns with God’s plan because it’s just unraveling God’s plan. And it’s totally repeatable. Now if it wasn’t repeatable, then we could not [INAUDIBLE 41:56] how to do anything and go anywhere in life. So God made sure that everything has a cause and effect.

Seth Czerepak: And it’s simply a matter of knowing what laws govern those. Rather than living by your free will, it’s aligning yourself with what those principles are and understanding that there are principles that we can’t perceive with our senses because you were talking about vibrations before. That’s all we really perceive is vibrations in different manner.

ASMM: Exactly. Our own thoughts inside our own head, inside our own body are vibrations. This is interesting principle. This is why I said you can feel the difference. In the whole universe, the higher the vibrations, the more powerful the situations are. Now the vibration of truth is the highest form of vibration that comes out of the thinking process of men. It’s the highest vibe. So it has the ability to completely destroy the negative vibration, completely wipe them out just as light can destroy the dark. Anytime you decide to turn on that light switch it can destroy the darkness.

Seth Czerepak: That’s strong.

ASMM: Anytime the sun light comes up, it can destroy the dark immediately. So this is exactly what the truth does, because the truth will always prevail. It will always set you free because it will always be on your side. This is why it’s so easy to me, if you’re a gambling person, I’m not going to gamble on the deceit and the lies because you’re going to lose over time, and it won’t take much time. But you are going to win with the truth every time and you are going to also have a healthier body when you think the truth. And then guess what, your influence, see one of the reasons that people are successful and others are not is some people can influence others. And you know the one that has the most vitality for influence? Truth. Truth has the most vitality, just like it does in each cell. Truth has the most vitality for the influence. Something that goes along with this truth, something that’s extremely important to God is love. And if you ever study anything about management, if you want to take the management sciences for instance, you can figure it out repeatedly with great leaders, even pastors or politicians or anything. If you want to be followed, if you want to be followed, the people need to believe that you love them. If they feel that you really, really love them and care about them, they’ll follow you, and you can’t get rid of them. Now I’ll say this for you, we have no turnover, just almost no turnover whatsoever. It’s unbelievably low. The lady from Wells Fargo pointed that out too, in our employees, the people that work for the company, because they all know we have their best interest at heart and there’s just nobody leaving the companies, any of them. That’s been a beautiful thing. The reason that is is because they know we care about them, and that’s exactly what will happen for anybody else. There is no prejudice with God. There is no favoritism. If it happens for me, it can happen for you. If it happens Seth it can happen for you.

Seth Czerepak: Absolutely. Right. Very good.

ASMM: Because these principles are for anybody who will take the time to learn them, and do the hard work to learn them and employ them and make them become you. This is part of God’s transformation process. We aren’t born in a way that we’re going to be perfect forever. We’re going to have influences that we have to rid ourselves of. We have to do a certain amount of pruning throughout our life, and we must also prune dead programs in our mind and prune the wrong things that in essence we’re thinking about. We have to think about the right things and hold those dear, and these things will manifest and you’ll have a great life. This strength will be from within you. It won’t be out there coming from other people. Because that’s not strength. That’s dependency.

Seth Czerepak: Right. I’m really excited about sharing this with people. I think this is a really strong message that is just not on par in the entrepreneurial world today. What you are talking about is really transcendence. There’s a transcendence vibration, a transcendence mindset where even if the problems don’t go away you’re so high above them in your thinking and your acting and your belief that they appear like mountains would on the ground if you were in an airplane.

ASMM: Exacty. Exactly.

Seth Czerepak: Just to wrap things up here, we talked about seeking the silence. Are there some specific things that people can do? The number one question that entrepreneurs ask before they take the leap is they want to know what type of business to get into. And I think that’s the wrong place to start. The first place to begin is really what’s consistent with who you really are, what’s important to you, your values. How would you suggest that somebody take that first step to discovering number one what’s really important. And also connecting with that silence and getting those answers the way you’re talking about.

ASMM: One of the ways that you could do this is let’s start off with not being afraid to dream. Let’s start off with not being afraid to think big. I can tell you that it takes no more energy to think big than it does to think small. This might really blow your mind but that’s a true statement and it’s very much been said by many, many smart guys.

Seth Czerepak: Napoleon Hill said that.

ASMM: OK, beautiful. I’m glad. I’ve never read much on Napoleon Hill and I surely respect him.

Seth Czerepak: “Think and Grow Rich,” he said it in.

ASMM: OK, it doesn’t take any more energy to think big than to think small. I would say to you seek the silence, find out who you are, find out the values you hold. Find out what you want from life. Find out where you want to go, what conditions do you want to bring into your life, what kind of life do you want to have. Then I would do the reverse design of that. Now what I mean by that, once we know the effect. These are called effects. Everything I just said is effect. This means through God’s plan, through his central design of this in terms of natural law there is causation for every effect. Every effect has a cause underlying it, and every cause has an effect afterwards. You certainly understand that, right Seth?

Seth Czerepak: Absolutely. Absolutely.

ASMM: So I would take the situation and just work back from what my dreams are and my hopes are and don’t be afraid to dream. And then we go all the way back to the purest form of causation that will help you get those things into your life and manifest them for your life. That’s how I’d do it. And you probably haven’t heard anybody talk about it in that way. It’s just a reverse design. Most people start from the scratch, just right from the beginning, and then try to design these things. But they may not bring the conditions in your life that you really want unless you’ve got to first to know the conditions that you want in your life see. Does that make any sense to you?

Seth Czerepak: That’s good. Yes it does, actually. That’s the way that I teach people to work backwards. Number one, I tell them to start with a process called Autoinquisition. A lot of people talk about auto suggestion and telling yourself all the things you want and affirming those things. But what I talk about is getting into that silent spot, doing what Edison did, drawing those things out through auto inquisition, and then asking yourself number one what habits do I have to develop in order to bring about this result? And then number two, most important, who do I have to become to naturally repeat those habits on a consistent basis without having to use willpower.

ASMM: Now I like what you’re saying. One thing I like to say also. There’s something that’s called becoming consciously competent and subconsciously competent.

Seth Czerepak: Yes, I’ve seen that before.

ASMM: I learned this from a professional baseball pitcher. I learned this many, many years ago and he used 12 steps to teaching the pitching process. And I was coaching and he had came and helped me to coach some of the kids one time. This would have been probably about 30 years ago. I’ve always had a good time coaching. I coached my own son. The first thing once you’ve thought something, you have it in your conscious mind. But believe me, trust me, it’s not in your subconscious. It’s not going to be there for a while. It takes some time. So once you learn all the processes and then thing you can do them with never thinking about them, they become you. Once you think about them long enough and you practice the processes of becoming subconsciously competent on whatever it is you’re doing, this is also part of your becoming diligent. Because whenever these thoughts become completely automatic in you, and you don’t have to think about them anymore, they’re automatically a part of you, then you are known to be subconsciously competent. So if a pitcher who was pitching on a mound and he’s in a game, and he’s got to sit there and think about the 12 steps to pitching in his windup and everything else, then he’s not thinking right at all and he’s got his thoughts on the wrong thing. He doesn’t need to be thinking about this. This needs to be automatic. I may have mentioned this to you once, Seth, even Mohammed Ali said that one time years ago. Remember he was really, really great, then when he started to go downhill and he lost a big fight and they interviewed him later on why did he retire and why did he quit after that fight, he says “Because I had to think about what I was going to do next. He realized he really started losing it. He didn’t have time to think about it. By that time, he was getting destroyed. He had lost what he had. And I don’t know how that happened that he ended up with all the brain damage, and that may have been from the brain damage itself. But his subconscious competency actually failed him, and is why he could not react like that any longer, it’s a piece of why he couldn’t react in that super fast way, in the duration and the aging and all this physical damage. But the point is, he was smart enough to realize that you can’t think about it and then do it. This is just not going to work. In the world of boxing, in the world of pitching, even in your own life, if you’ve got to think about something in business sometimes you don’t come across right and maybe you would bring doubt into your client’s mind. So becoming subconsciously competent and very diligent, and when you’re sitting down there talking to your bankers and other people, they need to know that you’re sincere and real. And the truth vibration needs to come through because believe me they will recognize the negative vibration. People don’t buy that but I’ve been some pretty big lawyers. One time we were in a big meeting and one of these fellows, he’s on television pretty much every day maybe with one of the biggest budgets in Central Florida, and we were at a really big meeting and we left and he says “That’s it. We’re not going back in that ever again.” And I asked him why. I already knew. He and I are like brothers. I asked him why. He says, “I got bad vibes and I’m not going back there.” And guess what? I felt exactly the same way and we were done that night and we never did business with those people again. So that’s interesting. This was probably over I’d say about 10 years ago.

Seth Czerepak: And you can’t fake that. That takes a daily meditation, the visualization exercises, the affirmations, declarations, all those things that you hear about. And also, I would guess also surrounding yourself with the types of people who are also on the same frequency as you, having a mastermind group.

ASMM: This particular lawyer that I’m speaking of, which one day I’ll introduce you to him, Seth, he is as much like you and I. He operates totally in harmony with God. And if it’s not totally in harmony with God, I’m out of there. And that’s how he operates. He’s free enough to pick and choose what he wants to do and who he wants to be with. And he doesn’t have to do things he doesn’t want to do. And I don’t have to do things I don’t want to do. And I thank God for that because this is part of the way God works. He’s an abundant God. He doesn’t want you to be a person thinking of lack and being all needy all the time. He wants you to go far, far beyond that in your life. He wants great abundance. There is so much abundance on this earth it’s unbelievable. If all of us would just do the right things and not try to take from each other and not bring good thoughts and good luck to each other and try to live in harmony with our brothers, sisters, the world be so much more beautiful. And this is what Jesus’ plan is for us and I believe we can get there but it’s going to take a lot of us trying to be good role models. That’s a big part of it we didn’t talk about. We have to be great, great role models. It’s one of the most important things we can ever do and be.

Seth Czerepak: We have to have that too.

ASMM: Yes, and we need it. One of the most important things that you can do to get what you want is to clearly visualize it. Clearly visualize it. That’s why I say go into silence, figure out who you want to be and what you want and the conditions you want in your life, and clearly, clearly visualize it. Visualization is the strongest of all to see it. Inventors use that and they do it in the greatest detail. Like [INAUDIBLE 56:37], he would say in some of the things that he wrote about and talked about, that every one of his inventions were exactly as he visualized them if he spent enough time visualizing all the details of them completely. So the more complete your visualization, the more likely your success will be.

Seth Czerepak: That’s the law of clarity again, knowing exactly what it looks like, and that takes a lot of time. I call it digging the fossil out of the ground. It’s like digging a fossil out.

ASMM: Remember I told you, this is really [INAUDIBLE 57:10] and some people might call it hard work. But remember, every time you do something you get better at it. So whenever you first start trying to change things about yourself, it seems like hard work. But over time it becomes easier and easier and easier because you’re never alone doing this work. Because when you’re moving in harmony with God towards his plans for you, you’re not alone. And you’re tapped into the strongest force in the world, that the world has ever known, and you will get there. But you have to also not have immediate gratification in mind. You have to understand that we have to give something to get something and do the right thing to stay in truth and stay in harmony. The law of service. Every time I see people working like that, I see success.

Seth Czerepak: Awesome. Well ASMM, thank you so much. I’m going to go ahead and close the interview out right now and I’m going to chat with you for a few more minutes after this, but this is all very good stuff. I’m very excited about sharing this. I’m going to go ahead and stop the recording.

ASMM: It’s a great privilege of mine to come forth and talk to people and encourage them because I know it’s exactly what God wants for us to do is share and tell them exactly how to get what they want. It’s back to the role model thing you speak of, Seth. Anytime you want to use me for these types of things, I’m going to be there for you.

Seth Czerepak: Perfect. Thank you [ASMM].


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