Faith Goes Before Me

In the blinding light
When my eyes see no reason
Faith goes before me

On that winding flight
Through this life’s changing seasons
Faith goes before me

When the summer rain
Washes all which was tainted
Pure as your glory

When the autumn wind
Carries passion so fleeting
Far beyond morning

In the binding night
Where my mind knows no reasons
Faith goes before me

In the face of fright
When my soul finds no meaning
Faith goes before me

When the winter chill
Grips those dreams once so sacred
Breaking the story

When the fires of spring
Burning deep from within me
Silence this fear

By the siren’s song
As the enemy beckons
Faith goes before me

When what’s right goes wrong
And what’s left in me fading
Faith goes before me

The refiner’s flame
Standing by your grace alone
Burnt without burning

On a road untread
Stepping far beyond reason
You carried me on

Take these stolen lives
I was only wasting time
Before we begun

Through eyes of a child
Show my heart your pure desire
And when our time’s done

Write this final rhyme
Take my words left unspoken
Faith goes before me

In the final fight
When my body is broken
Faith goes before me

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